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Introducing Scodix Business Cards...

Amazing print quality and dazzling effects are no longer a thing of dreams...

Your Business Cards are vital to your business, even in today’s digital world. They’re a brand ambassador and an aide memoir to your potential customers.

Think of all the business cards out there, exchanging hands in serendipitous encounters, potential client meetings and large industry conferences. All of the best business cards serve a purpose: They provide information about you and your work, and they hopefully encourage the receiver to follow up with you in some way. And as part of your identity, a great business card reflects your personality.

With Scodix technologies we can bring the printed world to tactile, sensuous and beautiful life with scodix business cards. Now you can let customers feel your creativity – literally.

Lustre uses Scodix digital printing technology and UV polymer to create texture, embossing and varnishing finishes, letting you bring your most brilliant ideas to life without breaking the budget. 

This stunning printing process is proven to increase product engagement by 92%, with 60% of the audience actually choosing to touch it too.

Scodix is ideal where engagement is vital and best of all, it’s suitable for both short and long run printing.

What makes a good business card? A good business card is one that is hard to toss aside, one that stands out from others and what better way to do this with the help of the ultimate VIP experience, scodix.

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Posted by: Emma



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