Introducing the WTTB Post, a brand new printed resource!

Introducing the WTTB Post, a brand new printed resource for our best customers...

Where The Trade Buys wanted to create an enjoyable, informative and useful resource for our very best customers, so we're delighted to introduce the WTTB Post, our new newspaper. We’ve done a lot of thinking, a lot of planning and a lot of writing, not mention many hours of design!

Here’s what to expect:

• A thought-provoking editorial
• Two articles full of advice or resources
• Our latest new products
• Any changes in costs
• The latest developments at WTTB
• A heads up on what’s coming next
• Special offers only available to readers of this newspaper!

We’ll be talking about what’s in the pipeline and sharing information that won’t be available elsewhere. Our launch issue also covers a number of significant improvements behind the scenes, so be sure to secure your copy!

If you've already opted into Marketing materials within your account dashboard, you can expect a copy to drop through your letterbox in the coming days. Opted out of marketing but would still like to receive a copy? Not a problem! Contact , who will be happy to help to fulfil your request.

Finally, if you're yet to become a member of Where The Trade Buys? You can sign up here . Be sure to opt into Marketing materials from us and we'll get a copy out to you as soon as we can! You'll also be pleased to know, by signing up you'll receive 20% off your first purchase with us!

Happy reading!

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Posted by: Where The Trade Buys


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