It’s never too early to prepare for Christmas!

It may seem early, but it is important to start thinking about Christmas promotions now. The gifts and cards that arrive earliest are the ones that get noticed and used...

How often do you celebrate Christmas?

This may seem like a strange question, but there is actually someone who celebrates Christmas every single day ! For most of us though, Christmas is a big once a year celebration. And it is worth preparing for properly.

We have all seen people rushing round the shops on Christmas Eve. They have left everything until the last minute and now they are struggling to get everything done in time. In many cases the shops have already run out of what they want.

It is always better to plan for Christmas early, especially if you are a business

It may seem early, but it is important to start thinking about Christmas gifts and promotions now. The Christmas gifts and cards that arrive earliest are the ones that get noticed and used. You want to maximise your chances of your clients thinking about you at this time of year.

Apart from being early, one of the best ways to get noticed is to avoid going down the route of using the same designs and pictures that everyone else is using.

Christmas is better when it’s personal

All of your seasonal cards and gifts should have an element of personalisation about them. It may be your company logo, or a picture of the staff from your company. If you are a creative company you will surely want to use one of your own artworks.

This is now much easier to do using Where The Trade Buys online ordering service. You can upload your own artwork or even create your own design from our online template design service.

We have just released our Christmas product portfolio for 2019. Here is an overview of what we are offering.


Christmas Cards
These days, everyone should send a personal card. A standard picture is not enough, even with a personal over-printed greeting. You should always create your own design. We also offer a range of Christmas themed templates to help inspire your design.

Wrapping Presents
Remember, that creating your own designs is not limited to just cards. We also offer you the chance to create gift tags and wrapping paper that feature your own designs.

Advent Calendars
If you want to promote your company or products, having your own design of advent calendar is a brilliant way to make sure that everyone sees your message for the whole of December. Recipients will want to keep an advent calendar handy and open a door every day, if only to make sure they get their daily chocolate!

The Christmas Party
We have you covered for the party as well. Firstly, we have a range of (s)elfie frames so that people can create their own memories of the event and share them on social media. We have increased our range of ready made designs this year, or you can create your own from our template. In addition, you can order a set of props with your frame.

When it comes to the party table, make sure that you include some Christmas crackers of your own design. We supply these for you to assemble so you can add your own choice of gifts and jokes.

Isn’t September too early for Christmas?

We are firm believers in being organised and getting things ready in plenty of time! In order to encourage you to be the same, we are kicking off Christmas celebrations early with a 10% Early Bird Discount for Christmas product orders placed before 1st October! Simply enter the discount code XMAS10 at checkout to take advantage of this offer.

And, if you are going to celebrate Christmas every single day, make sure that you order plenty!

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Posted by: Where The Trade Buys


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