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How Gifting Will Help Create Loyal Customers at Christmas

Keep your customers happy this Christmas. From personalised boxes to voucher booklets, your customers will remember how much you value them.

During the happiest time of the year, the joy of giving is high on our list of priorities. For savvy businesspeople, being generous isn’t just about evoking the spirit of the season – it is vital tool in retaining customer loyalty.

It’s surprising how excited everyone gets by that little extra unexpected something that turns up when an order arrives. It could be something as simple as a handful of sweets or even a card thanking a customer for buying from you – but in terms of how it helps your brand its immeasurable.

That thoughtful touch is guaranteed to make your client remember you – and hopefully come back time and time again.

Why is customer loyalty so important?

Research shows that loyal customers spend 67 percent more on products and services than new customers. They may only make up 20 percent of your audience – but they provide 80 percent of your revenue.

It’s generally accepted in marketing circles that it’s five times easier to retain a customer than acquire a new one, so remember they are something to be cherished.

Add into the mix they also provide valuable word of mouth or go on social media to showcase what they’ve bought, and you’ve got a ready-made, for free, marketing tool.

Which businesses do customer loyalty well?

If you needed convincing, just look at the example set by already cash rich coffee chain, Starbucks. The company reckons it has created a staggering $2.65 billion in extra revenue through its loyalty programme. Collecting points which give customers everything from an extra shot of coffee to a free drink on their birthday has massively paid off and is an example well worth following.

The customer loyalty route is one that’s also been well-trodden by sports brand, Reebok. Members gain points for every interaction and sale which are translated into VIP experiences, training and wellness programmes and much more.

Customers are always going to go with the company that gives them added value – so make sure that’s you!

Why is customer loyalty at Christmas particularly important?

We all know the saying, “a dog isn’t just for Christmas” – and that can be adapted for much more than being responsible about having a canine companion.

Capture your customers over the festive season and you’re pretty likely to keep them throughout the year. Don’t think you can cut corners because they need what you have at that particular time - play the longer game and they will come back time and time again.

Top 10 gift ideas for your loyal customers at Christmas

The good news is that there’s no need to spend a huge amount of money on creating customer loyalty – just use your imagination to best effect.

And of course, we have a whole host of great solutions which can really enhance the customer experience over the festive season.

Send a card

It might seem obvious, but the inclusion of a bespoke Christmas card in their order will really touch the heart of your customers. Make sure you personally sign it, and we guarantee they’ll be impressed that you’ve taken the time and trouble to thank them.

Send a book of offers

Loyalty is all about building long term relationships so of course you want your customers back throughout the year – let’s face it, there’s lots of other important dates looming on the horizon.

Create a booklet of discount vouchers that they can use at various times during the year ahead, an incentive which will surely bring them back time and time again.

Tag them

By which we really mean, add a little “thank you” tag to whatever they’ve bought. You could also include your website details as a call to action. After all they may have bought from you but have the item sent elsewhere as a gift – so you could have two customers for the price of one!

All wrapped up

Create bespoke wrapping paper with your company logo, a message or information on – it will create a sense of real surprise and excitement when it turns up on the door.

Personalised packaging

Use a personalised box to present the item. Beautiful packaging makes even the cheapest item look expensive and the time you’ve taken to create it will really show you care.

Add a gift

Include a small gift item - it’s definitely a case of speculating to accumulate. It could be a personalised Christmas cracker, a Christmas chocolate or two – in your own bespoke box which we can create. The initial expenditure will be worth it in the long run.

The advent of Advent

If you really want to make an impact, why don’t you create your very own Advent calendar with a chocolate and a special offer or discount behind each door? You could get a year’s worth of business.

Treat them to a cuppa

Send out one of our personalised mugs from our promotional print range to your top customers. They’ll not only thank you for it, but you’ll be on their mind every time they have a cuppa.

It’s a date

Create your own calendar which can go in with your products – tailor it to suit your business and make sure your contact details are on every page. A great gift to loyal customers AND a constant reminder of your business!

Go green

Build your ethical and environmentally friendly customer base by sending personalised Christmas cards made from our range of recycled papers – you’ll be a winner on two fronts.

So, whether you’re shopping for Christmas this year, or thinking into the future for your new business, there are plenty of ways you can make your customers feel appreciated, ultimately helping to retain them as a business.


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