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How to grow your gardening business

Who isn’t inspired by the stunning sight of all those glorious gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show?

While the annual horticultural extravaganza attracts around 157,000 visitors, more than three million people tune into the show on TV to feast on the visual splendour of the exquisitely designed gardens.

Then, suddenly, their gardens don’t look so splendid anymore and it becomes apparent that they need some TLC - which is where those who want to grow their gardening business come into the frame.

Not only does the Chelsea Flower Show demonstrate just how beautiful their garden can look, but it also inspires them when it comes to giving their garden a purpose.

It can show that a stunning garden is a great asset to anyone, whether as a place for repose and contemplation or as an asset that can add value to a property.

A nice garden with desirable features can add a lot of value to a property, the added value fluctuates throughout the country but in some areas, such as London, the garden can be worth a small fortune. Highlighting this to potential clients is a great way of getting business.

The key to the professional gardener’s success is marketing their services in a professional and attractive way. Additionally, you want to show people that you understand their brief, demonstrate how you will achieve their dream garden, and of course, how you will do it within their given budget.

So, whether you are starting a gardening business or want to grow your business, here are a few tips on how to capitalise on the surge in interest for all things gardening with marketing materials and handy tips:

Gardening business names

If you are setting up a gardening business, you need to stand out from the crowd and make clear exactly what you can do. OK so, if your name is Lilly Blossom, then Lily Blossom Gardener might be the perfect name for your horticultural or landscaping business, otherwise, consider funny gardening business names like Can You Dig it? I can! Or something that suggests your mastery like The Gardening Guru. For a catchy name you can use acronyms, create mash-ups, or use mythology or literature to get your creative juices flowing.

How can I promote my landscape business?

Gardening business cards

Gardening business cards play an important role, as they let people know who you are, what you do and they include those all-important contact details so that people can contact you at a time convenient to them.

A business card shows that you are serious and professional about your work. If someone asks for a card and you can’t produce one, you may seem quite amateur or as if you are only doing it as a hobby. And don’t think that any old business card will do either. It must reflect the calibre of your work.

A beautifully, designed business card says a lot about you, as does something that has been hastily reproduced on a machine in a motorway service station! A bad business card looks instantly throw away, while a thoughtfully purposed one is something that people will not only enjoy but they will probably keep around longer and pass on to friends and neighbours who decide their garden is in need of professional attention.

Gardening leaflets

Gardening leaflets are an excellent marketing tool for any gardening business, big or small, established or launching a new gardening business. You can include all kinds of information, images and testimonials, and they are a great way to reach out to new customers. You can get them delivered around your neighbourhood – no harm in targeting homes with scruffy gardens – or inserted into local newspapers, and they work. According to industry insiders, 79% of consumers either keep a leaflet or pass it on to someone else.

When designing a leaflet, it is always important to think about how it will help you to grow your gardening business. High on the list of priorities is the way it looks. Like your business card you want it to reflect the kind of business you are, as well as spark an interest. Good quality images and an expert layout are all important and of course, you need to include those essential contact details so that people can reach you!

How do I get more landscaping customers?

Gardening Flyers

As well as leaflets, you can also invest in gardening flyers. These are similar to leaflets but a smaller version that can be handed out, distributed or posted through doors. Again, like your leaflets, they should be engaging, interesting and include all your contact details.

Attending shows and gardening events

The Chelsea Flower Show is not only wonderful to experience, but it, and other horticultural shows like it, are a fantastic way to get more customers for your own gardening or landscaping business. You may, for example, want to apply for a stall selling produce from your garden, and use it to display your leaflets, or run a landscaping workshop at a farm show, where you can also hand out your (beautifully designed) business cards. The key to any business success is getting your name out there and telling people what you do – and it’s something you need to keep on reminding people about with every tool you have at your disposal. Many people actually forget about their gardens in the winter months and are only awakened to their possibilities when the Chelsea Flower Show comes along. With the right printed products, you can be there, ready for them.

Is a gardening business profitable?

Like any enterprise, a gardening business will thrive if the right service is matched with the right customer. By communicating your message at the outset, you can make gardening a very profitable business indeed.


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