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National awareness days and celebrations – how to use them for your business

From weird national days like National Sickie Day (February 7th) and Gummi Worm Day (July 15th) to the less weird Earth Day and World Bee Day there’s an awareness day for almost everything and that is good news for your business.

How many national days are celebrated?

How many national days are there in the UK? There are nearly 80 UK awareness days, and they are the perfect vehicle for promoting what you do. They can show a more creative side to your company, are a more personal and sometimes fun way to communicate with potential clients and they can be an excellent way to open up gifting and PR opportunities. They can also give everyone something tangible to talk about on social media.

Awareness days not only allow you to plan your promotional campaigns in advance but they offer the chance to engage staff members in something extracurricular while raising awareness of workplace concerns like mental health and green initiatives. Not every awareness day will work for your business, so you need to select those that have some kind of connection with what you do. Basically, if you own an ice cream parlour then National Ice Cream Day is the one for you!

Here is our selection of national awareness days and celebrations and ways in which you might use them.

National Days in January

Dry January and Veganuary
Not days, but an entire month, the bane of the already beleaguered hospitality industry, but see them as an opportunity to offer customers something different. Get new menus printed such as a vegan and non-alcoholic cocktail menu, and take the opportunity to let people know about it by sending out leaflets.

16th January: Blue Monday
Allegedly the most depressing day of the year. The big comedown after all the excitement of Christmas and New Year. Take this as an opportunity to flag up mental health issues with staff and engage in workshops to help support your team and give them the tools to help them cope. Of course, this is an all-year-round responsibility, but it’s good to have a yearly reminder.

25th January: Burns Night
If you have any Scottish clients, maybe you’d like to help them celebrate this most illustrious of occasions. Why not send them a little gift to celebrate – how about a personalised mug? Or you could go all out and hold a ball or Burns Night dinner – in which case the invitations are in the post!

National Days in February

LGBT History Month
A chance to show your support for the LGBTQ+ community and highlight any work you have done to become a more inclusive and diverse workplace.

14th February: Valentine’s Day
Who doesn’t know about Valentine’s Day? But you may think you’re a business that can’t use it for a little promotion. It’s all about thinking outside the box. It is possible that someone wants to propose to their girlfriend in one of your mechanical diggers, or you want to tell everyone about your most romantic member of staff. For more inspiration, read our Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas for Every Business blog.

15th February: Singles Awareness Day

You could create a giveaway around this event to raise awareness about issues of loneliness. Or have a little fun and show your support for ‘Galentines Day’ which falls on the 13th and celebrates the relationships we have with our friends. You can find out more about Galentines Day in our blog.

National Days in March

8th March: International Women’s Day
This usually has a specific theme, but you may want to make people aware of what you’ll be doing in support of the day.

18th March: Global Recycling Day
Time to create awareness in the workplace about recycling – we all intend to do it but how many actually do?

National Days in April

22nd April: Earth Day
Earth Day 2023 will feature various activities happening across the globe. Why not get your staff involved by printing out an Earth Day quiz – on eco-friendly paper of course.

Or why not highlight to your customers how you care about the environment by printing your brochures and flyers on our eco friendly papers?

25th April: National Hug a Plumber Day
National awareness days are fantastic for celebrating our unsung heroes. If you have a plumbing business, you could celebrate the day by sending out personalised cards to your key clients!

National Days in May

15th May: National Children’s Day
A day to raise awareness about the importance of a healthy childhood, and how we need to protect the rights and freedoms of children and young people.

22nd May: World Bee Day
The purpose of World Bee Day is to raise awareness of the importance of pollinators, the threats they face and their contribution to sustainable development and this is a terrific opportunity to raise awareness within the work environment. Why not re-christen the workplace ‘The Hive’ for the day and appoint a Queen Bee? It could make a great photo op.

National Days in June

5th-11th June: National Gardening Week
If you own a gardening business, what better time to highlight your services? Create flyers, posters and banners and take advantage of the national awareness week.

6-12th June: Carers Week
This offers many opportunities for businesses to do something to raise awareness, from bake sales to doing a sponsored run.

8th June: World Oceans Day
Raise awareness of the importance of our oceans and relate this to any eco-friendly products you supply.

National Days in July

4th July: American Independence Day
Not strictly an awareness day in the UK, but if you have any clients across the pond or ex-pats here in Britain, you may want to let them know that you’re getting into the spirit (and there’s no hard feelings) by decking out the office with American flags, or offer special American Independence Day discounts

7th July: World Chocolate Day
It would be rude not to celebrate, wouldn’t it? If you own a café or a shop or you sell artisan chocolate, make sure you have a range of promotional materials to link in with this day.

17th July: National Ice Cream Day
Like World Chocolate Day, if you own an ice-cream parlour, this is your day to shine – with all the toppings!

National Days in August

1st August: Yorkshire Day
Celebrating all things Yorkshire, so if you’re based in the county and have something to shout about, or are doing something special to celebrate, it’s time to let everyone know about it.

8th August: International Cat Day
Hilarious cat videos, memes and cute pictures of cats make for some of the most viewed content online, so whether you have a cat or want to get your employees involved in the action, it’s time to get puss in the picture.

National Days in September

21st September: International Day of Peace
World Peace and Understanding Day has a motto “service above self” which you might want to make your own motto for the day. You could have it printed placemats for customers or get the boss to swap places with a member of staff for the day.

24th September: McMillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning
Put your fundraising skills to the test for this most worthy cause.

National Days in October

1st – 31st October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Think pink. It could be colouring your hair, staff dressing in pink for the whole month, or launching pink promos.

7th October: National Poetry Day
Try getting your staff to bond over a poetry session. You might even get the resulting verses printed in a booklet so that everyone can share in the fruits of their creative talents.

National Days in November

1st – 30th November: Movember
Anyone who fancies growing a ‘tache for charity can post their efforts online to raise more funds. Never mind the quality, sometimes the worst efforts get the most hits!

9th November: Social Media Kindness Day
This day was set up in tribute to the late Caroline Flack to promote greater kindness on social media, so why not encourage everyone to join in to show their support and make an effort to do something kind on this day?

National Days in December

1st December: Tree Dressing Day
Many companies will have already put their Christmas tree up, however, this day gives you the opportunity to show it off via social media. You could even start up a tree-related storm, tag your competitors and challenge them to a tree off. So many of these light-hearted competitions between companies go viral, it could be a great free marketing ploy!

4th December: Small Business Saturday
The run-up to Christmas is an important time for any business but especially small businesses, so this is a day to capitalise on all the publicity heading your way. Add to the awareness campaign by printing your own posters or banners alerting people to support your small business.

9th December: Christmas Jumper Day
Wear your best/most hideous Christmas jumper with pride and help raise funds to Save the Children. Team photo anyone?

We hope our list of some of the UK’s national days has helped to inspire you to use them as part of your marketing plan. They really can boost engagement, so give it a go!


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