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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business

Thinking about how to make your business more successful in the new year? Why not read WTTB's New Year's Resolution suggestions to find out how!

It’s the same every year, the minute the final chime is struck on 31 December we are all full of good intentions.

We’ll lose weight, we’ll get fit, give up smoking and drinking, we’ll save money – as individuals we make many promises in the hope that the coming year will see our lives filled with positivity. However, making rules for the year ahead shouldn’t just be limited to personal behaviours.

Why not apply to them to your business? Ensure that, by creating its own particular set of aspirations, your company can also be in pretty good shape for the year ahead.

Here are WTTB’s top ten tips on how we can help you along the way….

1. Get the business finances in better shape.

And of course, the perfect way to do that is to get more business through the doors – either literally or figuratively! There’s no better time than at the start of the new year to highlight what you have to offer. Brochures, flyers and any kind of print marketing collateral is money well spent on promoting your business in a cost-effective way.

2. Invest in your relationships

In this instance, we mean your relationship with your customers. Contact them and find out their plans for the year ahead and if there’s anything you can help them with. A quick greetings card, postcard or letter to say thank you for their custom is a great way to be front of mind – and let’s them know you care!

3. Pursue an aspiration

Have you thought about expanding your business but never dared? Or perhaps you’re planning to take that first step towards being your own boss? Now is the time to do it – new year, new start! Step up the action and look at what you have to offer and how you’re going to promote it. We have everything you need to set up the promotional materials for your business and can hold your hand through every step. If you’re wondering where to start, check out our guide to the marketing materials you need for your business.

4. Read (or create) more books

Reading more books is going to be one of the top 10 resolutions of 2022, according to research. So instead of just reading them, why not check out how WTTB can help you create your own books for others to read?

From self-publishing that novel to a family recipe book in a hardbound book, you can offer these services to your customers and create something very special.

5. Plan ahead

It’s too easy to get bogged down in the day to day and let chances slip by because you’ve remembered at the last minute. Spend time to map out the year ahead and identify opportunities where your business can benefit – it will pay off in the long term.

6. Promote your business

There is so much noise around online marketing that it’s really hard to stand out from the crowd – so make sure that you build offline into your strategy.

Timely brochures/flyers or posters or banners can help you bring in new customers so make sure you take time out to create some eye-catching materials that will work for you.

Why not get straight to the heart of your customer base with a targeted leaflet drop or direct mail? Make sure whatever you’re posting stands out and is aligned to your brand identity - it will be hard to resist!

7. Join a networking group

Networking groups can be a great source of support for businesses of all sizes and all stages of their development. It’s not only a brilliant sounding board to share your ideas but also a great way to sell your services. Go armed with your box of business cards and watch the magic happen.

8. Expand your clientele

You may have a loyal clientele, which is great news but no businesses is ever harmed by building up their customer base. Think about what you offer and who can benefit, then come up with a plan to introduce yourself in an effective and memorable way. Incentives and offers are a great place to start but try thinking outside the box to get new customers through the door.

9. Grow your offering

A new year is a great time to expand your products or services. Is there something new you can offer that will bring in extra revenue? Is there something that customers asked for that you weren’t able to supply last year? Think about some market research among your existing customer base and see what would benefit them – and ultimately you!

10. Loyalty and reward

There are few sectors where one company corners the market. If you want to give yourself a competitive edge, then you may need to do more for your customers.

Pledge to send them an offer/deal/discount at least every couple of months or send them a loyalty card where they can gather points. It’s a great way to get them to choose you! Take a look at your competitors and see what they’re offering – and work out how you can do it better to make sure your customers stay with you.

No matter the resolutions, WTTB are here to help you with your business needs. Whether you need to do a full haul of marketing materials, or help and advice to get you started, we have all the knowledge, and products, that can drive success for your business in 2022.


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