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Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for Every Business

Increase brand awareness and encourage sales and bookings with WTTB’s Valentine’s Day marketing ideas for every business type. Read now.

Whether you view Valentine’s Day as a romantic celebration of love and the perfect opportunity to express your feelings for your other half, or you think it’s a commercial money-maker whereby any sense of meaning is killed by a sense of obligation, it is well and truly rooted in our society (having been around since the year 496), so it doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon.

Love it or loathe it, Briton’s will collectively spend 1.45 billion pounds (yes, BILLION) on Valentine’s Day, so you’d better get on board with Valentine’s Day marketing – whatever approach you plan to take!

Valentine’s Day Promotion Ideas for Your Business

You don’t need to own afloristor romantic restaurant to ride on the coat tails of Valentine’s Day. No matter the business type, you can exploit this annual celebration like a chocolatier packaging their goodies in heart-shaped red boxes.

Whether you wish to promote a product or service, or both, you can align this to the Valentine’s Day theme by simply telling your customers you want to ‘show them a little love this Valentine’s Day’ with an offer on products and/or services.

The romance doesn’t have to be between the customer and their respective other, it can be a nice gesture from you to them, though do remember to keep it professional and in line with your business type!

Consider offering couple’s packages for your services, whether it’s a couple’s massage or a 2-4-1 offer on an experience you provide (romantic parachute jump, anyone?)

You might consider posting a smallgift voucherto existing clients as a thank you for their loyalty. Postal marketing has a lovely personal touch, and a simple £5 off voucher can encourage bookings during quiet winter months. Just make sure you specify if the voucher is to be redeemed by a certain time or whether there is a minimum spend. And remember, customers will almost always spend more than the value of the voucher, so you can see big profit from a small gesture.

Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for Every Business Type

You may feel that Valentine’s Day is not a relevant date to include in your company’s marketing calendar, and any links to the holiday of love may seem too tenuous to implement into your marketing strategy. However, where there’s a will there’s a way! It really doesn’t matter what your business type is, using creative Valentine’s Day marketing ideas and tailoring them to your business, you can get in on the action and capitalise on the 14thof February.

Let’s say, for example, that you own a pet grooming salon. The love your customers have for their pets is just a real (and often as strong) as the love we have for our other halves, so why wouldn’t they want to show passion for their pooch or care for their cat? Create a fun marketing campaign on social media asking people to share stories about their pets and their first love, or in the lead up to Valentine’s Day ask your customers to send in pictures of their pets and make them the face of the vets for the special day by displaying posters at reception.

An enticing Valentine’s Day offer is a great way to market your business, especially when the holiday falls on a quieter day in your working week when you might not ordinarily be busy. This doesn’t have to be a big marketing project that takes up hours upon hours of your time; a simpleA-standor pavement sign outside your groomers telling passers-by and visitors of the Valentine’s Day offer is eye-catching and low cost.

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day has been all about couples, pairs, twosomes, so why not promote a buy-one-get-one-free, or buy-one-get-one-half-price offer for that special day of the week? Whether you sell building supplies or candles, an offer like this is super simple to implement and allows you to use Valentine’s Day as a marketing tool.

The love link is an easy one to make as it’s not just people or pets that steal our hearts. It’s special places, hobbies, our homes and cars, even food!

So, whether you work intravelor thetrades, all you need to do is ask yourself ‘what matters to my customers? What do they love? What is their passion’? Once you figure that out, creating a Valentine’s Day marketing campaign that comes from the *ahem* heart, will be easy!

Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for the Anti-Valentine’s Brigade

Heart-shaped paraphernalia and OTT declarations of love are not for everyone. If Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing, or you know most of your customers are single and ready to mingle, your business doesn’t need to miss out!

You can still capitalise on the lovey-dovey day by thinking outside the box with Valentine’s Day promotion ideas that celebrate the joy of single life!

Encourage your customers to indulge in self-care and celebrate the importance of loving the ‘one and only you’. This may be through the promotion of decadent skincare products, gorgeous new clothes, a day-spa treatment for one, or a monthly gift subscription that reminds them with each delivery that they are loved by the one person who matters more than anyone else – themselves!

You can get your message out there usingpostersin or near to your premises, or withleafletdrops through the door using adoor drop service.

What Should I Spend on Valentine’s Day Marketing?

Depending upon your business type, it can be simple and low-cost such as cheapgift voucher printingor, if Valentine’s Day is a holiday your industry tends to significantly benefit from (think card/gift shops, lingerie store, restaurants), you may want to go all out with a campaign that takes a little more of your budget, such as having specialmenus, roller banners and selfie frames created. And remember, you can use marketing materials such as these year after year - provided you don’t specify exact dates, which means you can profit from them time and time again.

It can be easy to get carried away, so ensure you consider things such as your budget, estimated return on investment and other relevant holidays throughout the year that will also need a little love and attention, before going all out for Valentine’s Day.

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day with flowers, balloons, and over-priced chocolates, or you Netflix your favourite slasher movie and ignore the day altogether, it’s important to remember that your competitors may well be getting your bite of the cherry by capitalising on the celebration, so think commercially rather than emotionally. Provided you stay true to your core values and those that are engrained in your company, you can implement a successful Valentine’s Day marketing strategy that fits perfectly within your business.



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