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What is Galentine’s Day and What does Galentine’s Day Mean?

Move over Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day is here! But what is Galentine’s Day? And how can you use it for your promotions and marketing?

A play on the words ‘gal’ and ‘Valentine’s’, Galentine’s Day is an annual celebration of friendship, typically between the ‘gals’. However, as the trend has grown over the past 11 years, it has evolved and is now, thankfully, a free for all to show their love and appreciation for the friends who have helped them through thick and thin, and the friendships which have stood the test of time in ways romantic relationships haven’t.

Anyone can celebrate Galentine’s day, whether single, coupled up, or somewhere in between, because who wouldn’t want to celebrate the joy of close friendships?

When is Galentine’s Day?

Pipping Valentine’s Day to the post (and perhaps subliminally telling us which of the dates should take precedence!), Galentine’s Day falls on the 13thof February every year. The event itself was created by fictional character Leslie Knope in the TV series Parks and Recreation. The character described the date as the day ‘ladies celebrate ladies’ and lavish their friends with love and even gifts, highlighting that romantic love isn’t the only type that deserves a little pomp and circumstance!

How to Include Galentine’s Day in Your Marketing and Promote Your Business

The beauty of Galentine’s Day is that it can be incorporated into any marketing plan, you don’t need to incorporate romance, just friendship - something almost everyone can relate to.

Whether you provide products, services, or both, with some creative thinking, Galentine’s Day can become your most lucrative annual celebration in terms of profit and brand awareness!

You may consider offering experience packages for groups of 2 or more, perfect forday-spas and beauty salonswho can promote the‘ultimate pamper package for you and your friends’. Think commercially and offer different package types to suit a range of budgets, for example a silver, gold, and platinum package which include different services reflective of the spend. Advertise these in your salon or spa where your clients are guaranteed to see them usinginterlocking tent cardswhich display each package and what’s included at each level.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be pampering and indulgence though, Galentine’s Day can be used as a marketing tool for team building or outdoor adventure companies.

Tough Mudder events are a brilliant example of friends coming together to reach a goal and support one another to the bitter end. They are hugely popular, so if you run a business that includes physical challenges, you can capitalise on Galentine’s Day too with messaging such as‘Grab your friends and take on the ultimate challenge this Galentine’s Day – let’s see how tough you (and your friendships!) really are!’

Why not offer reductions on group bookings, the cost decreasing per head with each additional attendee? Get your message out there with a targeted flyer orleaflet dropcampaign which can be tailored to the regions with a high percentage of your target market (yes, we can do that too!)

If your line of work means you develop personal relationships with your clients, you might consider posting agift voucherto let them know they are valued not only as a client, but as a friend too! Unlike digital marketing, postal marketing feels very personal and is more targeted, making clients feel that bit extra special.

When thinking about incorporating Galentine’s Day into your marketing you should ask yourself:

What Does Galentine’s Day Mean to You and Your Clientele?

It’s important that you believe in the marketing you are putting out there. Although Galentine’s Day isn’t about romance, the message needs to come from the heart to make it authentic. Not everyone has a huge friendship circle, some people have lost friends whether due to distance, disagreements or even passing, so Galentine’s Day could be a difficult day for some. In this, you can think outside the box and target a different audience, the ones who might be looking to make new friends or those who feel a little isolated.

Let’s say you own a café, why not use Galentine’s Day as an opportunity to start a new weekly even such as ‘Talky Tuesday’s’, the day customers know they can come for some company, chat to other people, and possibly make new friends? A day like this can really open the door for those who feel isolated or in need of friendship. And you needn’t spend a fortune marketing a weekly event such as this, simply pop someflyersinto aleaflet dispenserat your till and encourage customers to spread the word for you. If you have ever seen Good Morning Britain's 1 Million Minutes campaign, you will know that loneliness is a plight suffered by many, so not only can you increase footfall on what might otherwise be a quite Tuesday, you will also be doing your bit to help a deserving cause.

The notion of making new friends over celebrating existing friendships can apply to many businesses. So have a think about special events you could arrange off the back of the annual Galentine’s Day celebration, whether you keep them week by week or month by month or make it an annual bonanza that people look forward to every year, you can incorporate the importance of friendship into your company messaging.

Inclusive Galentine’s Day Messaging for all Communities

We know that Galentine’s Day was originally determined as a day to celebrate your gal pals, but as society has evolved over the years and we are (thankfully) becoming a far more inclusive and diverse nation, Galentine’s Day is becoming more gender neutral, the term itself taking on a new meaning that simply is the celebration of friendship.

So, you could keep your messaging neutral and inclusive, this will keep all your customers happy, make them feel included, increases your reach and shows that you are considerate of the importance of inclusivity.

Which Industries Benefit Most From Galentine’s Day Marketing?

Personalised gifts are always a touching offering for Galentine’s Day, so those in the creative industry such as artists,crafters, photographers, and those who handmake personal gifts or personalise pre-purchased items can really capitalise on Galentine’s Day.

Companies who provide services aimed at friendship groups such as paintballing or laser tag, cooking classes, murder mystery organisers and tour operators can include Galentine’s Day on their marketing calendar year after year to boost profits and engagement.

So, now you are equipped with all the information you need surrounding Galentine’s Day, it’s time to start thinking about your campaign. Remember to put your customer demographic at the heart of your campaign, think about who they are and what matters to them, whilst also thinking about what Galentine’s Day means to you, as this will shine through in your messaging.

Now you can take all of these useful hints and tips to make the most of Galentine’s Day - there’s no need to thank us, that’s what friends are for!


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