An affordable way to meet the demand for fast, low cost premium envelopes

An affordable way to meet the demand for fast, low cost premium envelopes...

With the first known "envelope" dating back to 3,500 B.C in the Middle East, who would have thought it would take until 1902 for the commonly used little window envelope to make an appearance. Handmade up until 1840 and not commercially produced by machines until 1845, envelopes have certainly come a long way.

With the Royal Mail delivering to more than 29 million addresses across UK every week and 185 billion envelopes produced every year worldwide, it’s no surprise that the simple envelope is as popular as ever.

Gone are the days where envelopes just acted as a protective covering for important documents and a shield for prying eyes. They now play a much greater role in communicating information, enhancing engagement and even improving open rates. Stand out envelopes are proven to have a 40% higher success rate when used for direct marketing campaigns and are also 10 times more likely to be opened!

Creating an impact can be difficult, so using eye-catching envelope designs can often create excitement about the content inside. Your envelope is the first impression you give and should scream “open me” to avoid correspondence suffocating under the sea of bills.

Generally ripped open and tossed aside, envelopes are often overlooked. This was primarily due to them being costly to produce as traditionally large print runs were required. However, this isn’t the case with Where The Trade Buys new Envelope printing service.

Where The Trade Buys Short Run Printed Envelopes are versatile, with the ability to print across the face, reverse and flap both single and double-sided. We offer a wide range of sizes including C6, C5, DL and C4 both windowed and non-windowed and with prices starting from as little as £29.15 we’ve got envelopes to suit all requirements.

Check out our brand new range of Short Run Printed Envelopes.

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Posted by: Where The Trade Buys


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