New Year: new business opportunities! Three New Year resolutions for businesses...

In case you are struggling for ideas on how to kick-start your business in January we have come up with three resolutions you and your business can make!

New Year is the time to make new resolutions

Many people plan to start the year with the best of intentions. They plan to become fitter, lose weight or take more exercise. Maybe they plan to learn a new skill or take up a new hobby.

But New Year isn’t just personal. The time of New Year resolutions is just as applicable to businesses. In case you are struggling for ideas on how to kick-start your business in January we have come up with three resolutions you and your business can make:

Review your brand

Has your company brand stayed the same for a few years? Is it beginning to look a little aged and dated? New Year is the perfect time to sharpen up your logo. You might also want to review your tag line that tells people what your company does.

Whether you update your brand or not at this time of year, do make sure that all your team have all the stationery that they need. Think about ordering fresh supplies of business cards as well. But don’t restrict your print usage to stationary.

Market with print

In 2018 less than one in five e-mails were actually opened. This compares to an open rate of nearly 60% for direct mail. That’s why you should start using print as a marketing channel if you don’t already. It is really cutting through all the digital noise that so much marketing is creating. Consider sending out a postcard campaign to loyal customers or good prospects. Or distribute leaflets locally. You can also leave leaflet dispensers at relevant locations.

Attend an event

At WTTB we are great believers in #ownoffline. This applies to social media as much as marketing. Why not take your social media offline and go to an event relevant to your business? You may meet up with useful people in your network. You are also likely to make lots of new connections, some of whom may turn into new customers.

If you are going to an event, it is important to show your presence professionally. So make sure you carry out that brand review. Then invest in roller banners or exhibition stands so that visitors to the event receive maximum impact from your attendance.

After the event, try following up prospects with a print marketing campaign

Take action now!

Don’t wait until early January to think about what to do. Start planning your resolutions before then. Here are three things that you can do straight away to make sure that you start the New Year in the right way:

• Write down your new resolutions.: just the act of writing them makes you more likely to achieve them

• Diarise dates: set some action points and make sure you put when you are going to carry these out in your diary or on your calendar

• Ask someone to keep you accountable: having someone that checks in regularly with you to make sure that you are progressing your resolutions is a great way to make sure you stay on track

Make sure you get your new year off to a good start by carrying out these action points now. Remember, New Year resolutions are just as important for your business as for you.

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Posted by: Where The Trade Buys


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