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A short overview guide to how Casebound Books are produced...

Where The Trade Buys now offer Casebound Books , an ideal binding method for high-end books. All of our digitally printed books are produced to the best possible quality, using the latest HP digital technologies. Our latest investment in binding machinery, means we give our customers the ability to produce low to very high runs of books on a fast turnaround to an astounding level of quality.

Below is a short overview guide to how Casebound Books are produced.

The Case
The case of a hardback book is comprised of a front and back cover and a spine. This is printed as one piece, then mounted onto three pieces of grey board. The cover is then wrapped around the board to create the outer case. Covers are printed on a laminated 200gsm silk stock.

End Papers 
Where The Trade Buys produce their Casebound books with 2pp endpapers* of which the 1st page is glued against the inside front and back covers. (See image below)

We do not need you to insert the endpapers into your artwork, Where The Trade Buys will automatically do this for you. *All our endpapers are produced on uncoated stock.

The Book Block
The book block (text pages) are made separately from the cover. Our digitally printed books are printed as book blocks, meaning text is already collated. Where The Trade Buys only use PUR glue as this is much stronger than standard hot melt glue. It's tolerant to higher and lower temperatures as it is flexible and non-brittle, meaning books open flatter and without cracking the spine. The text for inner pages can be printed on the following weights: 170gsm Uncoated OR 170gsm Silk. 

Finally, the case and book block are assembled together by securely bonding the front and back pages of the endpapers to the inside of the case cover. The book block floats free of the spine.


Our Casebound Books come in a number of sizes and finishing options including luxury Soft Touch Lamination and Scodix. Let your next Brochure ooze that premium look and feel, certain to impress any recipient! 

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