Print is 3.8 times more cost effective than pay per click: here’s the proof...

Next time someone is talking up a digital marketing campaign, make sure you run the print numbers first. You may be missing out on an extremely cost-effective marketing channel!

On a January lunchtime Gary Peeling, CEO of Where The Trade Buys, was walking past Holborn tube station in London. It was there that he was approached by someone in a smart jacket who handed him a bright yellow flyer. There wasn’t much on the front of the flyer. It simply said: “Get Your Heartbeat Above 150 – Legally”. Intrigued by the memorable message, Gary turned to the other side of the flyer where he found details of how to join Gym Box.

This was a very cleverly thought out marketing campaign

The flyers were being distributed outside a busy tube station where there was plenty of footfall. There was a branch of Gym Box nearby. And, being January, there would be plenty of passers-by with New Year resolutions who would be interested in joining a gym.

With a clever and witty headline, this was a flyer with a message that was likely to be read by many potential clients. At the same time, the costs would not be high.

It was not a high-budget prospect

At this point, we would like to emphasise that Where The Trade Buys played no part in the creation of this campaign. We don’t produce any print for Gym Box (although, if Gym Box is reading this, we would love to talk to you!) All the figures in the rest of this article are estimated from our in-depth knowledge of print and pay per click.

That said, it was easy for us to estimate the rough cost of the campaign. Let’s assume that the campaign ran for three days. For Where The Trade Buys to produce 15,000 of these flyers would be just £387. To this, we should add costs of £250 for the design. And also £260 for two people to hand out the flyers for three hours a day (they only need to be present at lunchtimes). So that’s a total campaign cost of around £837.

What sort of results should Gym Box expect?

A conservative ROI on this sort of campaign would be 2%. In other words, Gym Box should expect to gain 300 customers, each spending £500/year. That’s a total revenue of £150,000, with an acquisition cost for each customer of just £2.79.

There’s an additional value from the campaign as well. Gary Peeling shared the flyer online with his community because he thought it was funny. How many other people who were handed the flyer did the same thing? There is plenty of opportunity for Gym Box to win additional customers from this online exposure.

How does the flyer campaign compare to pay per click?

The cost for a click in this space is estimated at 64p/click. In other words, to gain 15,000 clicks would have cost £9,600. To be fair, we should assume a different conversion rate from PPC. If we were extremely generous we might make an assumption that PPC would have a 6% conversion rate, three times better than the flyers. So to get the same results would cost £3,200. That’s nearly four times more than the flyer campaign.

People who ignore print are ignoring an extremely cost-effective marketing channel

We should also remember that it is really easy to use. Using an online service such as Where The Trade Buys means that you can place a print order in just a couple of minutes. Where The Trade Buys even offers design templates for those customers who do not use a designer.

So next time someone is talking up a digital marketing campaign, make sure you run the print numbers as well. And next time someone hands you a flyer be careful: you could end up spending money on a new gym membership!

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Posted by: Where The Trade Buys


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