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How To Make a Colouring Book

It’s not that long ago that a colouring book was strictly child’s play – something that you’d give your kids to do to keep them occupied. Most of us remember having those glorious sets of Crayola crayons which came in a rainbow of shades that we used to fill in pictures, trying carefully not to go over the lines.

Then a few years ago a revelation took place – people started to realise that colouring-in had benefits not just for the young, but also for the young at heart.

Medical experts started to promote colouring as an excellent way for adults to deal with stress and improve their brain function – and suddenly colouring books aimed at adults began to appear all over the place.

Everything from favourite storybooks such as Harry Potter to intricate mandalas – geometric patterns based on sacred symbols – were suddenly created with grownups in mind.

And now it’s possible to go one step further – by creating your very own colouring book which means something to you.

Why is colouring good for adults?

It’s very easy to dismiss colouring as an activity strictly for youngsters, but the truth is that it has numerous health benefits for adults.

They are a great way to relax your brain because while you’re concentrating on one activity it stops you from having other intrusive thoughts.

It’s also been proven that colouring can actually help improve your brain’s ability to function. It activates different parts of your cerebral hemispheres – in other words, it gets your creative juices flowing.

At the same time, colouring – along with crossword puzzles and brainteasers – can also help with the symptoms of dementia and has huge benefits for anyone who suffers from anxiety. A brief spell of colouring before you go to bed can actually improve the quality of your sleep – much better for you than scrolling through your phone or playing on your tablet.

So, now we’re all firmly convinced that colouring in is good for your health and well-being, why not make this activity even more personal?

How do I make my own colouring book?

There are so many options for a personalised colouring book. The answer to the question “how do I make my own colouring book” is: very easily!

And it doesn’t matter the reason, whether for your own fun or as a giveaway for other people, the result is both enjoyable and memorable.

Imagine creating a book as a thoughtful gift for a special occasion for your family and friends. You could use your own drawings or even convert favourite photographs into a colouring-in template.

It’s much easier to do this than you may think. There are a number of free websites such as where you can upload your images and turn them into a format that would be suitable.

There are a number of options for publishing your book and luckily we can help you at every stage of the process.

It’s easy to pick the size, format and style of your book and simply upload your images into a template. It really is that simple!

You might also even want to consider a colouring book as a unique marketing tool for your company. Highlighting your products in this novel way will make sure you’re not easily forgotten and will also showcase your imagination and creativity.

You could use anything from local landmarks to favourite products to create your own bespoke activity book which will be well-loved and much appreciated.

How do you make a children’s colouring book?

There are endless colouring books on the market aimed at youngsters, featuring their favourite characters from tv or from literature. But why not create a special book for your little one, using toys or events that mean something to them? If you have photographs then you can easily convert them into the correct format for colouring – and you could even add some words to make it a personalised adventure.

Why not feature your child themselves? Turn those holidays, trips to the beach or the countryside, taking part in school plays or enjoying a birthday party into a special book that they will treasure for a lifetime. You could use images of a favourite pet or much-loved toys – the options are endless.

Or how about getting your child to draw some images in black and white which can then be turned into a colouring book for them to use.

And because they can be produced at a fairly low cost, it’s also a perfect party bag giveaway for youngsters to take home with them from parties.

Can I publish my own colouring book?

The short answer is, of course – “yes.” All it really takes is a little bit of imagination.

There are numerous options for producing your book, from a stylish hard back to a saddle stitched soft cover booklet which is an extremely cost-effective option.

If you have one huge image that you want to include you may also want to consider a lay flat book – this is where a picture can be spread across two pages but is created in such as way that there’s no fold, just an uninterrupted panoramic view.

Decide if you’re going to use original artwork or convert existing imagery and think about your front cover. Do you want to use a completed picture to showcase what the finished article could be like?

Or do you want to use the cover as another opportunity to let creative flair run free?

Whatever you choose, don’t underestimate the value of your very own colouring book as marketing collateral, a great gift idea or a way of personalising an experience which has genuine health benefits.


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