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The best online tools to help you write a book

Who hasn’t fancied writing a book at one time or another? Not only can the act of writing be very therapeutic, but it can unleash your creativity. Whilst it can be tricky to get a publishing deal, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from becoming a self-published author of your very own work of literature, especially with the help of some very hand online tools.

Tips on writing a book

The beauty of writing your own book is that it is yours and you can pretty much write anything you like. Well, provided the content is suitable for its target audience and doesn’t go against any laws. Most people considering writing a book already have an idea and that is fundamental to the whole enterprise. Your subject could be based on fact, or pure fiction. It could be a self-help guide or a manifesto for life. Whatever the genre the first thing is to get your thoughts down and then start editing. One of the pitfalls of writing is that you can become so enamoured of your own prose that you forget you are writing for an audience. Many people write something and then can’t bear to make changes because they feel their “voice” will be lost but usually the opposite is true. By being open to revision, you can polish your prose to perfection.

What is the best app for writing a book?

Online writing tools are a great resource for any budding author. Some of the best software for writing a book can even be out there for free. If you have been wondering ‘what platforms do authors use to write a book?’ then wonder no more, we have scoured around to find some of the best online tools that can help you on your way.

Here are some of the online writing tools that are available:

Reedsy is great, especially for fiction writers as it is a free, web-based tool that is specifically designed for writing books. It allows you to typeset your work and includes a marketplace so you can find collaborators for your writing project such as editors, designers and ghostwriters.

Used by bloggers, Ulysses allows you to publish directly onto platforms such as WordPress and Medium, save drafts to an organisable library, or export documents as PDFs or eBooks.

This is an app that helps you to write. It is a simple interface, and the formatting options are limited but therefore it works for you as a writer. Additions such as dark mode make it perfect if you like writing after dark and it is affordable to download too.

Hemingway Editor App
Ernest Hemingway’s writing style was stripped back and minimal. This app takes its name from the legendary author as it helps you cut all unnecessary words from your book. However, unlike other apps which have storage and organisational features, this is only focused on the writing.

This writing app is brilliant if you have to do a lot of research for your book. It is a unique writing app that merges the research and writing process with a unique drag-and-drop function. It will help you gather all your information and then organize it into a well-written document.

The Write Practice
A great website to help you get started on your writing journey is The Write Practice, which has tips, tutorials and a whole lot more.

For those who really struggle with their spelling and grammar then Grammarly can be very useful, especially if you use it to check everything when you’ve finished to ensure everything is thoroughly checked through.

Laptop and Desktop apps: In these days of LOL’s and emojis you might be forgiven for thinking spelling and punctuation are going the way of the dinosaurs, but not on our watch. The purpose of spelling and grammar is to convey meaning and without it, unless you are James Joyce and have written Ulysses, your book will be unprofessional and hard to comprehend. Luckily there is help in the shape of good old Google Docs, MS Word and Pages. These are the word processing apps your laptop comes equipped with and if you pay attention to their suggested edits then you can produce clean copy. However, you may run into problems with Americanisms and sometimes suggestions that aren’t quite right.

Once you have honed your writing to perfection it’s time to create a book for others to read. You can have a select few printed and offer them to your local bookshop perhaps? Or hand them around to the family and friends. And of course, there is always the possibility that someone in the publishing world will read it and you will, after all, find yourself on the best sellers list!


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