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10 Reasons Why Customer Service Is Vital

We're winners!

WTTB are proud to have won the Customer Service Team Of The Year (Large Enterprise) category of the PrintWeek Awards. We are delighted that our hard-working customer services team have reached this level of recognition. They deserve it!

But providing great customer service isn’t just about winning awards. It makes sound business sense too. Here are ten reasons why we focus on excellent customer service and why print resellers should too:

1. Customers leave if they do not receive good service

According to Customer Experience Insight, 60% of all customers stop dealing with a company because of what they perceive as indifference and 70% of customers leave a company because of poor service. If your customer service doesn’t come up to scratch, your sales will suffer.

2. Your competitors have good customer service

Good customer service is expected by customers. Nearly all companies try and provide the best customer service possible. If your customers are leaving to find better service, they will find it easily.

3. Your clients are specifically looking for good customer service

Many companies, including WTTB, market specifically on the fact that their customer experience is as important as their product offering and prices. Research shows that the customer experience is beginning to outweigh price in purchasing decisions.

4. It creates new sales opportunities

Most customers are happy to spend up to 16% more if they experience good customer service. They often stay longer as well.

5. It prevents errors

Have a look at the WTTB Trustpilot page. It is full of positive reviews from customers where we intervened to make sure mistakes did not happen. Here are a couple of reviews:

“They are also very helpful if artwork isn't as it should be. We design all our materials in house and are not quite as conversant with design programmes and apps just yet. They have contacted us with suggestions to make things look better and has been much appreciated.” (Read the full review here)

“Excellent customer service pre-print ensuring I had the right dimensions and warned me my original work had a low-resolution image on there.” (Read the full review here)

A review like this is a much better outcome than having an irate customer complain because they didn’t understand what went wrong.

6. People remember the above and beyond

People remember good customer service. You have probably had a time because you recommended a company to a friend or colleague because of the excellent customer service that you received.

7. Good service creates trust for new prospects

We love reading good reviews on our Trustpilot page. But it is really important for us that our prospects do too. They can see that 91% of our customers rate us great or excellent. That means that they can try us out with confidence because they have read independent reviews praising our products and our customer service. Placing work with a new supplier is a scary move: how do you know if they will deliver or you will receive the right service? Having independent reviews such as this reduce that fear significantly.

8. It’s the right thing to do

It is important that customers are treated in the right way. We believe that it is morally right to create the best possible experience for our customers. We always focus on making things right wherever possible.

9. It creates nicer relationships

The end result of this is that clients and suppliers have a much nicer time working together. We are proud to say that many of our clients are also friends. And we have often had clients come round with cards and cake.

10. You feel good

We are here to have as nice a time at work as possible. If we can feel that we are helping clients and enjoying working with them, then life is so much better! Receiving reviews like the ones below really does give us a nice, warm glow.

“The customer service I received was absolutely fantastic!” (Read the full review here)

“Wonderful Customer Service. Yesterday I received a second re-print of a wee book. This would not have materialised without the help of Kayleigh, Laura and Jordan, who helped me so patiently and kindly when I was in a pickle with re-ordering.” (Read the full review here)

“Absolutely amazing service. Absolutely amazing quality, great prices and a really friendly team. The welcome call was very much appreciated.” (Read the full review here)

We would encourage you to focus on your customer service too

Who knows, maybe we’ll see you at the PrintWeek Awards next year when you are shortlisted for a Customer Service Team Of The Year award as well?


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