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Boost New Year Business With Done-For-You Marketing

January can be a quiet month for print resellers, but we’ve come up with a done-for-you marketing solution that will help to generate business all year round.

It’s understandable with the retail boom time that is the festive season, most businesses will be to focusing all their efforts in making the most of the Christmas period.

Preoccupied with cashing in on the current wave of interest in your products means that often strategy flies out of the window – until the new year arrives, bringing with it the inevitable lean times.

At WTTB we’re very conscious that January can be a problem month but we’ve come up with a solution that we hope will not only help generate business at this difficult time of year, but all the year-round.

Our team has been hard at work and created a brand new reseller tool that will help you drive new business which is particularly relevant to your sector and to your potential customers.

Introducing Sector PDFs

We've created a library of PDFs for a whole host of sectors, allowing you to showcase what you can offer in an eye-catching fashion.

The documents are full of eye-catching product imagery which are bound to make potential customers sit up and take notice and be a real asset in helping drive new business at what is traditionally a quiet time of year.

Our sector PDFs couldn't be easier to get access to – or to use. Just simply search through our extensive catalogue and find the PDF most relevant to you and then use that as part of your sales strategy.

Easy steps to win business

1. A few hours spent building yourself a database – or even writing down with paper and pen – with names of potential customers in your area will be time well spent. With so much emphasis on “shopping local”, this is a great selling point, showcasing how companies in the area can work together for mutual benefit.

2. Use Google’s business listings to identify who could be a good fit and note their areas of interest, then simply download the specific PDFs and use that to introduce yourself and what you can offer.

3. Send a speculative email to the business – it’s worth spending a little bit of time to find the actual name of the owner so that the first impression is of a personalised service, not a generic email that’s going out to hundreds of people. Try and establish a rapport and highlight the fact that you believe that you can help grow their business and meet their needs.

We believe these new sector-specific PDFs will prove a vital tool for our customers in winning new business – so start downloading yours today.


Can’t find your sector?

We want to help all businesses find products tailored to their needs. We continually add to our list of industries - help us expand this library by entering your business sector below.