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Three gifts that keep a business in the minds of its customers

Companies that give customised gifts maximise their chances of building business from their customers. We share festive gift ideas to keep firmly at the front of a customers mind.

Christmas is a time of giving

Hopefully your clients will be in a generous mood and ready to send gifts to many of their customers. Naturally, your job is to help them choose the right gift.

Remember, a gift should not be just for Christmas. A good Christmas gift lasts all the year round. The right gift keeps a company at the front of their customers’ minds. That’s where customised print comes in.

Here’s why customised print gifts work

Companies that give a customised gift maximise their chances of building business from their customers. Recipients will remember the company name because the gift is in daily use at their premises. The right gift will also make a recipient feel gratitude towards a company. People often want to repay gratitude.

Companies that send, for example, a box of chocolates may well create instant pleasure, but this will be long forgotten when they come to do business next year. A standard gift that does not last does not build up the same sense of relationship.

Here are some ideas that last in a recipient’s premises

Mugs Mugs are always a favourite. Remember that the most effective way to present a mug is in its own customised gift box. The box can also have teabags, sweets or small cakes added to make the gift extra-memorable.

Calendars It may seem that lots of people give calendars at Christmas. However, there’s a big difference between a calendar that is just advertising for a company and a calendar that is filled with images that you genuinely want to see on your wall. Think about whether you can offer original artwork for your customers. Or they may have a budding artist or photographer in their staff. Then your calendar is the one that is likely to stay on the wall.

Prints If you want to move away from the calendar theme, there is an alternative to being displayed on a customer’s wall. A canvas print or framed print can make a big difference to an office. But note what we said about the artwork to be used. The same rules apply to prints as to calendars.

Christmas packaging If your client is insistent on giving wine or chocolates or similar, they should at least make sure that it is presented in a personalised way. Bottles can be personalised with labels, neck tags or wine bottle carriers. For other presents the customer should use customised chocolate boxes or Christmas gift boxes. Small gifts can also be presented in personalised Christmas crackers.

Remember cards and wrapping paper

The perceived value of a gift is always higher when it is well presented. So make sure your customers know to wrap their gifts well. The most effective way to do this is to use a customised wrapping paper that has their company logo and a personalised message. If you want to do something different, consider presenting our gift in a giant two-metre cracker! Naturally, the gift should be finished off with a personalised gift tag or sticker.

Finally, any gift should be accompanied by a hand-written Christmas card. This shows that the gift really is personal.

Practise what you preach

Make sure you send good gifts too. After all, you also want to be in your customers’ minds all year round. So remember that Christmas is a time for giving and invest in some decent customised print gifts for your customers.


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