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Twelve Opportunities to Sell More Printed Books

Compared to many other products, books are high-value items. You make more turnover per project. In addition, you are more likely to be successful in adding a little to your profit margin: many of the opportunities we list below will be less price conscious when it comes to talking to projects like this. Books are often repeat business. A good book can benefit from a reprint. Many clients also require books on a regular basis.

In addition, books are about more than print. There are good opportunities to sell design for books. As big projects, these can add significantly to your turnover. And a lot of book design is repetitive using a standard template. So it can be highly profitable. Remember, if you don’t offer design services you can always outsource this element

Book customers often need extra services. These can include e-commerce, fulfilment and even help with promotion. If you wish, there are many ways in which you can become involved in a project beyond simple print

Many people think that book printing is an unrealistic strategy for them. This is because they believe that you have to deal with major publishing companies to win book work. As we will see, this is absolutely not the case!

Here are twelve ideas on where you can sell books

Self-published authors
Many authors are now choosing to work outside the traditional publishing model. They are a great target market as many authors need help with choosing the right format as well as help with marketing and fulfilment.

Self-published artists
Many artists and photographers are also beginning to produce books of their own work. Often they are very quality conscious and need to turn to an expert like you to make sure they achieve exactly the look and quality that is right for their work. This is a fantastic opportunity to show them lots of paper samples and finishes and show how they can gain real value by working with you.

Comics and fanzines
This is a much bigger market than many people realise. There are numerous conventions around these topics. Some authors are looking for a low-quality look and others want high-quality publications. This is another market that may need help with fulfilment.

School yearbooks
If you have contact with your local schools, make sure you offer them yearbooks. Many schools and groups of parents are looking for someone who can project manage this on their behalf.

Small publishing companies
There are a lot of niche publishing companies. Many of them are not printing experts. You could be able to help them with new formats and also raise the quality of what they do.

Not only is there an opportunity to manage programme printing: there is also an opportunity to produce books of photography of the best performances and yearbooks for supporters.

Restaurant cookbooks
A local restaurant has an excellent opportunity to increase its sales by offering a chef’s cookbook. But it may need you to suggest it to them and help them bring it to life.

Brewery beer tasting and history
Local breweries should be producing books promoting beer, their own brews and food and beer tastings. The same opportunity exists for many food and drink producers.

Business and e-commerce catalogues
Many high-end businesses could benefit from producing brochures in a book format to improve the perceived value of their products and services.

Internal use
Larger companies from benefit from a whole range of books, including induction books, training and procedure manuals and company yearbooks.

Some businesses use books as a high perceived-value gift. For instance, most vegetable box companies offer a cookbook as a gift in return for signing up.

This only comes up once a year, but diaries are still very popular. Make sure you approach companies that might give these as gifts as well as businesses that might wish to market their own diaries.

Pick the right product for your audience

At WTTB, we offer a range of printed books. We can print high-value, case bound books. These are ideal for premium products where clients have a higher budget. We offer standard A-sizes, square format and traditional novel sizes.

Next up are perfect bound books. These have more of a brochure-like feel but feature PUR binding which has a much longer shelf life. That’s an important point to make to prospects who may be comparing your offer with printing companies that only offer standard perfect binding. These can work very well for graphical markets such as higher-end comics. They also work well as an economical solution for, for instance, cookery books.

We also offer publication books. These are printed more economically on high-speed inkjet presses and can be created on more economical, low weight uncoated stocks. These are ideal for novels, textbooks and manuals. We produce in colour and mono on a wide range of sizes, including all the traditional book sizes.

If your client needs a slightly different feel, books can also be produced in saddle-stitched format or even as a lay-flat wiro bound publication.

For all our book options, remember to offer prospects a good range of cover finishes. You should be talking about Scodix, foiling and lamination. Remember, these are upsells so you can add an extra profit margin. Watch this video to find out how.

Make sure you market books correctly on your website

It is important to think about what your clients may be looking for when they carry out a search on the internet. Here is a quick table of search phrases from January 2022 and their popularity (the search volume is for a one-month period).

Do you have questions about marketing book printing services?

Make sure you contact us. We love receiving questions and helping our resellers to grow their businesses.


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