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Your Plan to Profit From the Return of Festivals and Events

Events are coming back!

From small, local craft fairs to huge international music festivals such as Glastonbury – the good news is that for 2022 events are back with a vengeance!

And the return of everything from the local village fete to massive concerts and celebrations is equally welcomed by the print industry, who can benefit greatly from the whole host of opportunities that these occasions offer.

From printed programmes to eye-catching signage, from flyers and posters to special offer vouchers – there’s an endless range of potential print options now on offer to savvy sellers.

Where safety messages were once a priority, now organisers are all about highlighting the experience – and to do that successfully they absolutely need to invest in print collateral.

People are ready to party

A return to normality is what everyone has been craving over the past two years and the good news is that we are just about there.

Large crowds no longer hold the fear they once did – now we are more than happy to go out and party with thousands of like-minded people.

And that means good news for anyone offering printed materials, as the focus will now be on spreading the message far and wide.

While social media will inevitably play its part, there’s no substitute for flyers and posters which can draw attention to the event.

If it’s a large scale exhibition then it’s worth getting in touch with the organisers to see if you can help with their requirements, but also try and get hold of a list of exhibitors who you can contact individually.

It’s important at these kind of events that people have a reminder for future reference, so there’s definitely a ready made audience wanting your business card, price list or just further information to take away with them,

For occasions that attract massive audiences – think the Chelsea Flower Show, Cheltenham Races, The Great Yorkshire Show and all points in between – then it’s important that visitors don’t feel overwhelmed.

Great signage will ensure they have a positive experience and can also highlight events taking place on that particular day, as well as giving them all the necessary directions.

Of course the positive impact that print materials can bring begins long before the actual event itself. A door drop or flyer campaign will help drive awareness and if you can add in the incentive of a special offer to give the recipient a reason to attend.

How to get back in the loop

If you feel that your contacts may have changed in the events industry or you’re not sure what is going on in your immediate area then it’s a fairly simple matter to find out.

Firstly you could check with your local authority who are likely to know all the events planned or even just look at listings on entertainments/music website. Companies supplying print will be very much in demand – so make sure you get your foot through the door first.

Social media can also be your friend -there’s groups for event organisers so it may also be worth joining and flagging up your services on these.

Many people have changed jobs or careers in recent years so look at this as an opportunity to make new contacts and highlight the value of print as part of any marketing campaign.

Lastly, remind yourself what’s available. Check out the WTTB product pages for our range of display products and promotional print. Remember that many organisers will also need a full range other printed items as well.

It’s time to profit from events!

The sooner you start contacting events companies, the better the chance you have of doing work with them. Make a note in your diary to make your first contacts in the next few days.


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