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How Print Will Help Your Retail Business And Ensure Survival On The High Street

It has been well documented that the high street has faced some tough challenges in recent months and despite what you may have heard, there is a way to combat the lack of enthusiasm around visiting stores. Shopping in retail from a customer perspective is all about the in-store experience, an element unlike any other that is hard to replicate online.

However, if you are looking to enhance the visit each customer has to your store, you can do so through print. Social media gurus will tell you all about their success with paid advertisements and how print is dead (which is completely untrue) but will fail to tell you how diluted this way of marketing is with your competitors online campaigns.

With nine in 10 customers agreeing that there will always be a need for print, we take a look at how print can save your retail business, enhance the experience and encourage more visits to your store more frequently.

Printing Statistics

A survey conducted by FedEx Office found that printed materials were still favoured by many, especially when four out of five smaller businesses stated that it helped their company stand out from the competition. If you’re a retail business that’s just starting, this is good news for you.

The same study found that 85% of consumers said that they were more likely to shop with a small business that had professionally printed materials and a further 90% said that the quality of these products indicate the quality of service offered by the brand.

If you’re thinking about skipping print in your next campaign, think again. In fact, you don’t need to, because we’ve came up with some innovative solutions that you can roll out almost instantly.

Print You’ve Never Thought Of Using In Retail

As a retail business, you need to be shouting about your brand at every opportunity. Self-adhesive stickers are one way to do this, especially when they’re personalised with your own logo that is instantly recognisable. Set up your street marketing campaign and position these stickers around town, so you’re always catching the eyes of your customers. You could even run a competition, if someone takes a selfie with one of your signs, they receive 10% discount from their shop. This is your chance to be creative!

Then, welcome them to your store with some window stickers. You’re not limited with these stickers either, as they can be used as floor graphics too. If you’re a fashion store with changing rooms, you should think about placing these on mirrors so that when people take a selfie in your outfit and share it online, creating user generated content for your store!

If you’re running a campaign in your store, and have the space to make it really special, why not build an entire exhibition display to celebrate it? With one of our beautifully designed banners and mesmerising product placements, you’ll definitely capture attention of your shoppers who will be intrigued enough to tell their friends about it. If it’s your 10-year anniversary for example, why not showcase your main milestones with popular products from each year?

Make this occasion even more significant with your very own selfie frame. You can even use our selfie frame designer to add your own branding!

For products that are more complex in design and are a big investment for customers, you may want to offer a saddle stitched brochure full of their information in an eye-catching leaflet dispenser. These can be positioned near the desired product and refilled when necessary This shows your customer that you’re always one step ahead and ready to answer the questions they need answered almost immediately!

Not everyone may be as familiar with your store though, so you need to budget for posters. This will take your brand to new heights and be sure to increase recognition. For advertisements like these, it’s important to break tradition and do something a little controversial, otherwise you’re just the same as any other poster in the area!

This all makes for an enticing customer experience, and you always want to offer that next-level service to any customer that walks through your doors. It’s important that you remain innovative during the struggles of the high-street, as this will ensure that you stand out from all competition in the area.

If you come up with a successful strategy that allows you to integrate print into your store, you’ll be sure to impress your target market and they’ll be happy to shout about what you’re doing differently.


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