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How To Make Your Retail Business Stand Out

You’ve finally done it – you decided to turn that hobby, skill, or inspiration into a business, and you’re confident that you’ve found a gap in the market that you can successfully fill.

But in this day and age, it’s not just about having that great idea – it’s building a retail brand which becomes a byword for quality, integrity, and innovation.

If you’ve decided to move into a fairly saturated market, having a stand-out brand is even more important so that you can be heard above all the noise from your competitors.

Branding in the retail sector is king. A good retail company logo provides instant recognition, and therefore does part of the sales job for you!

But how can you pick the right retail branding for you? Remember, it’s not just going to go on your website or social media; it is likely to go on your packaging, your letterhead, your business cards – any of the print collateral that will be an essential part of your business.

Logos for retail – what you need to know

Think about your favourite brands and their retail store logos. Now think about the colour, font, and shape of their logos. Which stand out to you?

Another important consideration is to have a good, long think about who your customers are – this will help you to develop what is known as a “brand voice”.

That voice is what helps shape your offering – is it promotional, educational, friendly, informative? Think about what you want to convey and how you will converse with your customers, as well as how they will converse back with you.

Creating your retail company logo is an important part of your brand, right down to the colour you choose.

Big companies use colour psychology in their retail branding to determine what will be most effective for them. Red is seen as being daring, bold, and dynamic; blue is welcoming and creates trust. Meanwhile, certain shades of yellow and orange imply affordability. Make sure you pick the colour that most reflects your brand.

The font of all knowledge

Once you’ve decided on your colour palette, think about the font you are going to use. Believe it or not, there are fonts which are considered more “trustworthy” than others to consumers, so it’s worth doing a bit of research.

Try out a few options – remember that curly script might look lovely, but is it easy to read? And does it work on a tiny space like a business card?

Take some time to consider where your retail branding might appear and see if the idea you’ve come up with work in all of those situations – if it does, then it’s good to go!


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