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Think Print: Offline Products You Need For Your Retail Business

When it comes to succeeding in retail, many bosses set their focus to online marketing — with the incorrect assumption that all print media is dead in the water. However, print marketing can add value to an integrated campaign or even be effective on its own. Read on for some must-have offline marketing products that WTTB would recommend:

Loyalty Cards

As we’ve mentioned in our Striking A Balance Between Digital And Print When Setting Up Your Retail Business article, setting up a loyalty scheme can reap countless benefits for your brand – including retention. Statistics have revealed that 61% of retailers cite customer retention as their biggest obstacle, but 83% of people said that a loyalty program would encourage them to continue doing business with a company. As well as this, 49% of consumers agree that they spend more after joining one. Is this something you can afford to miss out on?

Loyalty cards are cheap to design and produce, so pose no significant threat to your budget which is always a positive when first launching your business. As a standard wallet sized companion, your brand will continuously be at the forefront of every customer’s mind with this effective marketing tool.

If you haven’t fully developed your loyalty scheme idea just yet, that’s okay. Our range of business cards cover appointment cards, fridge magnet business cards and more which will undoubtedly boost your brand presence.

Life-Size Cardboard Cutouts & Rigid Media

The customers of today are looking for an experience when they enter a store, so you need to step up your game. A custom life-size standee cardboard cutout from our promotional print product collection can be the perfect talking point for when people enter your store and can even be used for any future trade show that you attend or events you plan on hosting.

With a cutout up to 6ft in height, you can be as creative as you want and capture the attention of passersby. If you know you’ve got an upcoming product entering the market and you’d like to shout about it, this could be the perfect solution!

Our life-size standees are a good investment for your next marketing campaign as they are up to three times as durable as traditional alternatives!

Rigid media is also something that you should be looking at. Similar to our standees, you’ll be able to illustrate the right message to your audience entirely through visuals. As these products are printed using the latest Durst HD UV technology, any image that you use will truly be brought to life!

Selfie Frames

No business in the 21st century can survive without selfie frames. These popular tools can make retailers feel more personal to customers who can become brand ambassadors in their own right. With these, customers can interact in-person and shout about you to their followers online at the same time.

This is just one of the ways that you can combine both offline and online marketing. By using selfie frames in your marketing strategy, you’ll encourage user-generated content which will spark greater brand exposure online and get people talking about your company.

Luckily for you, we have our very own selfie frame designer which is very simple to use. All you need to do is select your template for the appropriate social media platform (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more), upload your brand logo, customise your text and place your order!


If you’re looking to propel your brand message even further, posters are a great way of doing so and can achieve maximum ROI. The world’s largest brands continue to use this form of marketing and it continues to generate success for them.

From offset and digital to supersized and bus shelter posters, choose from a range of options to shout about your brand and reach your target market. These are often used across different industries, which demonstrates their ability to entice an audience and generate interest around a specific product or service from a brand.

Depending on their placement, you can position your company in the eyeline of many. From internal shopping centre placements to positioning them on them on the most congested road in your area, where drivers will be able to do nothing but look!

Pull Up Banners

Don’t underestimate the power pull-up banners hold when it comes to raising brand awareness both within your business premises and externally. With various styles available to purchase, you’ll be able to select the right version to fit the advertising space you have available.

As part of the pull up banner family, classic roller banners can be the perfect companion when it comes to representing your brand at industry trade shows. Attending these shows are crucial when it comes to generating maximum exposure for your newly founded company, and with one of these, you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd!

However, PVC banners can be the solution when it comes to pushing a specific forward product to the eye of your target audience. These can either be placed in store or externally, it’s entirely up to you!

Which print products will you be investing in for your business? You will be able to reduce your cost of acquisition or activation by up to 90%.


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