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Top 5 Retail Businesses You Should Be Taking Inspiration From

1. Gymshark

The Sunday Times Fast Track of 2016 named Gymshark the fastest-growing company in Britain — with continued year-on-year growth to back it up. The company, which was founded by a 19-year-old university drop out, Ben Francis, hit £41 million sales in 2017 which is wholeheartedly down to successful brand management.

It’s no secret that Gymshark has mastered the balance between online and offline marketing, which can often be difficult to achieve in the digital era. The company, which launched from a garage in 2012, screen printed their iconic logo onto gym apparel that had the ability to enhance physical performance.

When it comes to their online strategy however, user generated content and influencer marketing play a huge part in making them one of the most recognisable fitness brands in the world.

2. Dollar Shave Club

Subscription based services are influencing all sorts of sectors, and we’re not just talking about Netflix.

The Dollar Shave Club was founded back in 2011 and definitely got everyone talking at the time, offering a new level of customer personalisation that had never been seen before.

The business model is really simple too. You choose a razor (or a set) and you’ll be sent replacement cartridges each month so you never run out – you can even add shampoos and shower gels to your order.

What makes the actual product unique though, is its packaging. The design of the box is quite simple, but the tongue-in-cheek messaging adds a distinctive touch that anyone would appreciate. An example of this is: “I like shaving with a dull razor” - No one, ever.

3. HelloFresh

We told you that subscription box services are the next big thing. So much so, we’ve included a second one on our list. HelloFresh was started up in 2011 and is the UK’s leading recipe box provider which delivers fresh ingredients and step-by-step instruction cards to your door.

Just like Dollar Shave Club, this company is all about serving customers what they want. Recipe boxes can be tailored depending on the number of people in your household and the number of recipes you want per week. You’ll even have the option to opt for vegetarian dishes – something which sets this brand apart from others.

Many customers enjoy the simplicity of their recipe leaflets too. Each includes easy to follow instructions and portion information. As well as this, you’ll be presented with a high-quality image, icons that detail how long it takes, how difficult it is and any allergy information.

There has even been a casebound book produced titled HelloFresh Recipes that Work: More than 100 step-by-step recipes & techniques.

4. Gucci

It’s important that brands capitalise on world events and that’s exactly what Gucci did with the Year of the Pig. The luxury fashion house released its own collection to celebrate the Chinese new year, which included retro-styled clothes, bags, shoes and accessories.

Each item featured Disney’s classic Three Little Pigs characters and were popular among consumers. As well as customising its iconic products, they also redesigned their WeChat program to mark the occasion and customers were greeted by the farmyard animals.

Gucci didn’t stop with their products and WeChat campaign though, they went as far as putting all of their models next to pigs in their pictures which definitely got people talking!

5. Amazon Go

Amazon Go is a chain of around 10 convenience stores across the United States that boasts a new shopping experience for customers. Using the world’s most advanced shopping technology, customers will never have to wait in line or use a checkout – all you need to do is use their app.

The Just Walk Out technology automatically detects when products are taken from or returned to the shelves and records this through a virtual cart. When you leave the store, you’ll later receive a receipt and be charged to your Amazon account.

This will truly transform the way we shop for our everyday items and will allow the world to become more efficient when rolled out internationally.


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