Schools: Are you ready for the new term?

It may seem like the holidays have only just begun! But they will soon pass by in a flash, meaning it's time to start planning for the next academic year now. Here are our top tips to get you prepared.

It’s not long before the new term...

It may seem like the holidays have only just begun! But they will soon pass by in a flash. And by then it will be too late for all the planning and preparation that we meant to carry out.

That’s why it is time to start planning for the next academic year now. With that in mind, here are three issues that we believe schools and all educational institutions should be seriously thinking about.

Print course materials

Research shows that students prefer printed textbooks to electronic versions. Our reading process is actually different for offline material. Another study demonstrates that students read offline material more thoroughly and retain the information better. The more printed material you can give students the better their comprehension and their educational results will be.

Naturally, the cost of a textbook can be high. However, a much more economic way can be to create your own handouts. You can even expand this to your own coursework books and academic planners .

But planning for the academic year shouldn’t just revolve around course work.

Review building signage

The budgets for maintaining, buildings are being drastically cut. However, it is still important that new students know where to go! In addition, a bright and attractive piece of signage can breathe new life into a tired space and give it a fresh feel. It can even hide any particularly bad patches of wall!

Remember, another way to direct people can be by the use of floor graphics . This can be particularly useful where wall space is limited. It can also be more effective in recreational areas where students are more likely to be staring downwards looking at their phones!

It is also time to think about what you need in a classroom.

Consider using more graphic displays

As schools welcome more people from outside, it is useful to be able to welcome them with the right displays. Roller Banners can create temporary directions, remind visitors of useful facts about your establishment as well as reminding classrooms of term themes. We know of one school where teachers use roller banners to inform parents and pupils of the key elements of GCSE subjects at parent evenings.

However, many schools are nervous about these sorts of solutions because of budget restrictions.

Isn’t print expensive?

Using online print solutions can create much more competitively priced solutions that many people realise. At Where The Trade Buys you can purchase full-colour handouts from just 2p/unit. That often compares favourably to internal photocopier costs, despite the better production qualities of print. A new sign can be as little £14.50 and a classroom display roller banner starts at only £24.50. These prices even include delivery.

Many of our products have online design templates. Teachers or students can create the designs themselves without the need for any outside help. And we help all academic institutions with 20% off their first order.

Sometimes the new term approaches far too quickly!

It may be that you are reading this with only days to go before the start of term. But it is not too late! Many of our products have next day delivery available. No matter how close it is to the new term you should always consider the possibilities of print.

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