Scodix - A Simple How To Guide

Our top Scodix tips for effective results...

Using the power of Scodix digital enhancement, you're able to truly bring printed matter to tactile, sensuous life. At 100 times higher than traditional UV varnish, you can let customers feel your creativity – literally.

Below you'll find an easy to follow guide on how to setup Scodix files correctly, as well as some tips on what to do and what to avoid for the best results.

Less Is More
However, when it comes to Scodix, sometimes
 LESS can sometimes be MORE. Rather than covering the entire printed piece, consider picking out one or two elements instead, e.g. a logo, or image. This helps direct focus on the most important elements, rather than overloading the viewer's senses.

If you're going for a luxurious look and feel, consider adding a Soft Touch Lamination to the base of the print prior to applying the Scodix finish. As the name suggests, this not only enriches the look of the card, but the feel of it too.

Setting Up Your Files
1. Select the elements you wish to enhance and duplicate them onto a new layer for the Scodix separation. 
2. Create a new colour Spot Colour swatch and name it “Scodix”. Select colour type “Spot Colour”, and convert all Scodix elements to this spot colour. 
3. Export this Scodix layer as an additional PDF page with all trim marks.

Trim/Fold Areas
Be sure to leave 3mm from the edge of trims area as Scodix cannot bleed outside of this area. It also cannot be applied over the fold areas of folded products: e.g. Presentation Folders.

Try to avoid selecting elements smaller than 3mm in size and text below 12pt as the Scodix polymer will disperse slightly on contact with the paper causing unwanted bleeding.

Did you know? Scodix can be applied to a wide range of our products, from Business Cards and Flyers to Presentation Folders and Casebound Books. Why not try it on your next project?


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