Seven essential preparation tips for the exhibition season

Where The Trade Buys provide seven helpful ways to get the most out of your presence at an exhibition. Read these essential tips today!

The exhibition season is here again!

Many companies will be planning to have a stand at an event over the coming months. Exhibitions are a great way to meet new prospects, catch up with current customers and learn the latest business trends. They are also an excellent networking opportunity and can be a lot of fun!

However, exhibitions only bring results if you carry out the right activities. Here are a few ideas to get the most out of your presence at an exhibition.

1) Have a stand

This may seem like an obvious thing to say. However, we have seen quite a few companies that have been caught out. They assumed there would be more provided by the event organisers than was actually the case and ended up exhibiting in a very bare space. There is a whole range of pop-up exhibition stands that can be printed with your company details. They are easy to put up, even with just one person, and can be used at numerous events. Start planning your now.

2) Make sure you have plenty of information for people to take away

People want information that they can look at after an exhibition. So make sure you have a flyers and brochures that they can take away. Consider having them printed with a limited-time show offer: this encourages them to take action quickly.

Also, think about branded gifts that people will use regularly. This keeps your company name and brand in their minds. Ideas include travel mugs , coffee mugs and notepads .

3) Create contact information cards for prospects

You will want to keep in touch with visitors after the show. So make sure you collect their details. However, do remember that not everyone brings a business card along! So consider creating a card for visitors where they can fill in their details . Make sure you have plenty of pens too!

4) Use roller banners to increase the chances of people stopping

Roller Banners or A-Frames can be a very useful addition to an exhibition space. Used strategically at the front of a stand they can make a visitor stop as they walk down the aisle. On larger stands they can also be used to draw attraction to a special feature or offer.

5) Make sure people take photos at your stand

One thing we always do at our Where The Trade Buys stands is to make sure we have a Selfie Frame . This is a chance for us to encourage visitors to take a photo and share it on social media. Naturally, we take photos and share them too. It’s a bit of fun, but it increases engagement and also creates interest on social media.

6) Have some noticeable props

Why not have a life size model of one of your products on your stand. Or a cut-out image of someone well known that people will notice and stop to comment on. This is another opportunity for photographs as well!

7) Make shell stand graphics easier to manage

Finally, some exhibitions provide you with a shell stand. You then have to create your own stand graphics. Putting these up before a show can be a lot of hard work. It is a lot easier (and very cost-effective) if you have exhibition stand panels created to the right size. You’ll be very glad you invested in these when you set up the stand!

What happens if you don’t have time to get a designer involved in items like these?

At Where The Trade Buys, many of our products come with ready-made design templates. You can create your artwork quickly and easily online.

One thing that we would advise is that you get everything you need delivered to your offices a couple of days before the event. Many shows and exhibitions have complicated delivery procedures and we have heard of many companies that have not received their exhibition materials because the show organisers would not let a courier in.

Start your exhibition planning now

You may not be attending an event for a few weeks yet. However, the time comes up quickly. After making an investment in attending an event, the last thing you want is not to get the results you were hoping for because your exhibition materials weren’t ready in time. So sit down today, write a list of action points and set yourself some deadlines.

We all know the exhibition season is here again: let’s not be caught out by it!

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Posted by: Where The Trade Buys


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