Seven rules to creating a good customer Christmas card

Advice on the seven key things you must do if you want your Christmas card to create the right impression with your customers this holiday season...

A Christmas card is supposed to be a chance to tell a customer how much you value them

However, in some cases, the Christmas card can have exactly the opposite effect. It can make customers feel that you do not really mean that much to them.

What would happen to your business if:

  • you appeared cheap to your customer?
  • it looked as if you didn’t care about them?
  • your competitor creates a better impression than you?

That’s exactly what can happen if you send the wrong type of Christmas card to customers. These days Christmas cards must stand out if they are to be valued. Sending a cheap, standard card with a printed signature is not enough. 

Here are seven things you must do if you want your Christmas card to create the right effect

1. Create your own design

Don’t use a pre-printed card. Create something that will mean something to your customers or that says something about you. This shouldn’t be an advert. Try to create something that people will genuinely want to display. If you’re struggling to come up with the right ideas we have a whole range of templates that you can use for your own design

2. Get it printed well

There are two things to make this work. Firstly, make sure it is printed on good quality card. We’d suggest a weight of 350gsm. Many cards are printed on thinner card. It doesn’t save much money but it does feel a lot cheaper. Secondly, choose a good quality printer. Naturally, we think we’d do an excellent job on your Christmas cards!

3. Make it stand out 

One option is to give your cards a luxury feel by adding lamination. This can cost less than £6. Another way to make a card really stand out is to add a raised varnish design. It has been proven that people engage much more with tactile print. We can add Scodix varnish to your cards from as little as £18.25. 

4. Add a personal signature 

Make your card personal: sign it by hand. This will really make it stand out from other Christmas cards sent by businesses that just print a signature or don’t add one at all. Why not add a short personal message at the same time? If you really want the card to feel personal, handwrite the address as well.

5. Make sure you send it to the right person!

This may sound obvious, but we have seen many Christmas cards that are sent to someone with a totally different name to the person who receives it! If you decide to use personalised print, do make sure you get this right as well. We have seen it go wrong quite a few times.

6. Include an offer

If you are taking the time and trouble to send a card in the post, there is no harm in letting recipients know about any Christmas or New Year offers that you have. So that this does not detract from the card itself, consider enclosing the offer on a separate flyer.

7. Plan your cards nice and early 

Christmas is upon us before we know it! There are always lots of last minute things to do at that point. So it is best to get Christmas cards done in plenty of time. You also have the advantage that they will arrive before those of your competitors so they will receive more attention. The time to start planning Christmas cards is right now!

To encourage you to do this, Where The Trade Buys are offering 10% OFF on Christmas Cards that are purchased in November. Simply enter code CARD10 at checkout to apply the discount.

Make sure your customers feel valued

Spend a little more time planning your Christmas cards this year and make sure that you create something special. Remember, we are here to help you!


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