Seven ways to use a notepad to win new business...

Despite all the talk of a paperless office, nearly everyone still uses a paper and pen. Where The Trade Buys provide seven effective ways to use a notepad to win new business!

The humble notepad is more useful than you might think

Despite all the talk of a paperless office, nearly everyone still uses a paper and pen. This is hardly surprising: there is plenty of research that shows that writing rather than typing is more effective. You are more likely to remember what you write and process the information better. In addition, you typically write less so you have less to read when you review your notes.

This means that businesses should encourage their clients to write more. It is also an ideal opportunity to market your products and services. Typically, companies don’t make the most of marketing notepads. Remember, when people use them they see your name and marketing message on every page. If a note gets passed on to someone else they get to see it too. So it really is worth giving out as many as possible.

Here are seven ways to share your notepads

  1. In meetings – if you have people coming in to visit you, give them your pad to take notes on. You can take them to outside meetings too
  2. At trade shows – notepads make a very useful give away at all sorts of events. There’s a good chance people will put them to use straight away
  3. As loyalty vouchers – you do not actually have to use a note pad to take notes! Why not use the format to create a pad of money off vouchers, contact details or referral forms
  4. As product catalogues – you do not have to have the same image on every page of a notepad. So you can use this format to show off several products and services
  5. As a thank you gift – pop a notepad in with a delivery. Customers really appreciate a little thank you
  6. To bulk out direct mail – if you send out sales letters or marketing mail people are more likely to open the envelope if there is something inside it. So adding a notepad will really add to the effectiveness of the direct mail
  7. With invoices – add a notepad in with an invoice or a quote. It’s another good way to increase the number of people who receive your marketing message

Here are five things to remember about notepads

  1. You can print every leaf – don’t just print a notepad cover. Make sure you include your message on every sheet. That way your message is seen every time someone writes on the pad
  2. They can be glued or wiro bound – you have a choice of finishing options depending on your budget and also what type of quality you wish to show with the notebook. In addition, you can perforate the leaves
  3. You can upgrade them to a notebook – instead of giving prospects a notepad, consider giving them a stitched notebook instead. It adds to the perceived value and lasts longer
  4. You can upgrade them to a casebound book – if you want a really luxury feel turn the notepad into a case bound book. This product has a really long life
  5. They count as standard letter size – an A5 notepad can be sent as a standard letter size. So sending them out in the mail is more cost-effective than you might think

You’ve just seen there’s much more to the notepad than you might think

There are endless marketing opportunities using notepads. So what are you waiting for? Order yours today!


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