What it takes to re-launch a website...

An enormous amount of work I can tell you...

So, what does it take to re-launch a website like “Where the Trade Buys?”

An enormous amount of work I can tell you — and not just by me but by a dedicated team of people investing in the time it needed. In fact, the site had taken so much preparation, that I felt a little overwhelmed by the idea of writing a blog about the journey.

After twelve long months of development where the days and nights more often than not blurred into one, we are extremely excited to finally launch the all new Where the Trade Buys website! As you can see, things are looking pretty smart around here these days and it’s not just a lick of paint you’re looking at but a website fully re-built from the ground up.

Admittedly, I was a little apprehensive to the idea of re-building WTTB at first because I knew what a daunting undertaking it would be.  To completely re-design, re-create and move everything and everyone over to a new design was a huge learning experience and as painful as it was, we are confident it will help the business to grow going forward.

Our goal with the new website was not only to make it faster but also easier to use and manage various projects. Most of all, we wanted to give our customers the freedom to be able to use the site at their leisure 24 Hours a day. For us to be able to offer such a service, we introduced a new price calculator which allows customers the flexibility to produce their projects to suit their budget.

So, what makes this version so great I hear you say? Well, it’s the new site’s foundations coupled with the use of the Oneflow Software we have invested in. Oneflow was designed for On-Demand and Web-to-Print orders and obviously a no brainer for the business given the amount of work we were previously pushing through.

The new cart system handles everything from easy ordering to the uploading of your files. Quotations can be saved and retrieved and we now have a live chat department giving customers the opportunity to talk with the business in real-time to ask questions and get advice. 

As with any new project, it wasn’t all plain sailing. Trying to keep on top of the existing site while simultaneously pioneering the new, all with the team split over several different locations was a real challenge I can tell you! There were many disagreements and heated discussions with endless conference calls that were so excruciating at times, it would have been easier to have been given an ear bashing from the wife than from the team.

Development often felt like putting a jigsaw puzzle together at times but I kept telling the team “keep going” because if we stop, well, it would never come together. After endless hours of battening down the hatches and with many cups of coffee along the way, it’s finally here. I must confess it’s a pretty good feeling that just keeps getting better knowing we’ll be able to help more people get their own projects off the ground, regardless of budgets or deadlines.

The new “Where the Trade Buys” Web Site is truly one of the best out there but then again I am always going to be a little bias. Don’t just take my word for it though, go on-line and see for yourself.

Most importantly though, don’t forget to come back here and tell us about the before-and-after experience. I bet you’ll have something to say! And I await with bated breath to hear it.

Martyn Young
Managing Director

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Posted by: Where The Trade Buys


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