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Take the expense away from your exhibition with our cost effective solutions!

Where The Trade Buys provides practical advice for those looking stretch their marketing budget further and exhibit at trade shows without the mammoth cost involved!

Attending a trade show often requires a significant investment of time and money. You want to create the best stand possible, effectively attracting attendees to come and check you out to promote you brand. However, it's also important that the event is cost effective to ensure that you receive and return on your investment, and tricky props and banners can lead to long periods of time wasted whilst setting up. To create the most effective stand you should consider purchasing an exhibition shell scheme from Where The Trade Buys. But why, we hear you say? Here's why...

Hassle-free transportation!

When you're trying to create the perfect stand, you really don't want to have so much material that you have to hire a van to get it to the venue. You just waste resources transporting the equipment from A to B and wasting all your time setting it up. An exhibition shell scheme is made from foam, which makes it light and easy to transport in your car. Obviously, this saves you money as you do not need to pay for any additional transportation costs. At the end of the show, you don't have to hang around for a van to come and pick the gear up, you can just pack it into your car and away you go. If you're looking for an efficient way to attend events without it becoming a huge commitment with added worry, then exhibition panels from Where The Trade Buys are perfect for you.

Fool-proof set up!

When you rent an exhibition shell, you get pre-setup flooring and lighting, just add your panels and you're set up in minutes! The panels are made from a 3mm Foamex, so one person can easily set it up without the need for assistance. This is perfect because the sooner the stand is set up, the sooner you can start to engage with your audience!

Easy and cost effective to order!

Using the Where the Trade Buys website you can place your order in minutes and be safe in the knowledge that your exhibition shell scheme is on its way. It's so much more than a low-quality pop up stand, because you have the opportunity to design it to your exact dimensions to provide the best experience for your attendees. A 3x4m stand will cost as little as £188.87 including velcro, which is nothing compared to how expensive other exhibitions stands can be.

If you really want to impress the people who visit your stand and make sure your branding has as much impact as possible, then you can purchase additional products for your scheme. 1000 A5 Folded Leaflets cost as little as £30, with Roller Banners costing just £25. Exhibition shell schemes are so effective that many businesses are using them at exhibitions and events now, so these additional extras that will set you apart from your competition and ensure that your visitors remember you when they leave in the evening.

Don't just take our word for it!

Customers are already loving the Exhibition Shell Scheme product! We asked one of our early adopters a few questions. Check out some recent feedback from our happy customer!

How easy were they easy to order? 
Extremely easy! No hassle when ordering with an efficient turnaround!

How cost effective are the panels? 
One of the less expensive parts of exhibiting.
Very cost effective and more importantly easily reusable for future shows.

Were the panels easy to transport? 
Yes, came flat packed and well packaged, the panels were an easily manageable size.

Could you fit them in your car or did you need to hire a van to fit them in? 
We had a van going to the event so they went in this but they could easily have fitted in a car.

How easy where the panels to attach to the walls? 
Using VHB tape made it simple to put up and take down!
The panels fitted with the shell scheme well.

Could one person easily set the shell scheme up without the need for assistance? 
Definitely, although we had an extra pair of hands for setup on the day.

Were you happy with the finished result? 
Yes, we got some great comments about the graphics and we felt it stood out from other stands. I was a little concerned about the panel being split initially as I thought they might be visible. However, I had nothing worry about after setting them up as the joins appeared seamless. 

What would you say to others thinking of using exhibition panels? 
Since the panels slot together so easily you can adjust your design, meaning individual panels can be replaced used again at future events. The whole approach to exhibition schemes is perfect. They're flexible, versatile and extremely easy to use!


Posted by: Ben



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