The Seven Items That Every Small Business Startup Needs

Startup's face a lot of competition, so it's vital to create the right impression. Where The Trade Buys list seven essential items that every small business needs to get your brand out to the world.

Beware of starting a business on too small a budget

The FT reports that there are around 600,000 new small businesses starting every year. Your startup faces a lot of competition. That’s why it is vital to create the right impression with your business, especially in the early days.

The first thing that any new business start-up should do is to invest in a logo. Together with a memorable tag line, it is the basis of your brand. You have to make sure that you communicate this to as many people as possible.

However, many businesses fail to see the point of this branding exercise. They do not spend money making sure their prospects know about them. And failing to do this means that it is hard to win customers. Let’s look at how to get your brand out to the world...

1. Invest in Business Cards

You will want to leave your details with a lot of people, whether these are potential customers or suppliers. Your business card says a lot about you and your attitude to business. There's a whole range of business cards to choose from . A lot of small business start-ups waste money on flimsy business cards that look cheap. It is hard to take someone seriously if their business card is badly printed on cheap paper. Find out more about how to make a business card stand out here .

2. Use Compliment Slips

Whenever you send something to a contact, use a compliment slip . It makes the delivery look much more professional. It also allows you to write a personal message. Your contact is much more likely to remember you if you do this.

3. Remember Letterheads and printed Envelopes

It is not good enough simply to print out your company logo with your office printer. It gives the impression of a low cost business. That's why you should invest in a proper letterhead . Again, people will remember your letter. While you're at it, send your letters out in a printed envelope .

4. Make sure you have a Roller Banner

Roller banners have a huge range of uses. If you have office premises, make sure you have one in reception. You should also bring one to any networking events you attend. You should also consider attending exhibitions as part of your marketing strategy. Roller banners are all you need for a small stand. For larger stands, they are a useful addition to a pop-up exhibition stand .

5. Give out a lot of Flyers

Do you have information you can give away about your products or services? Creating flyers is a very cost-effective way to do this . You should include flyers with letters, invoices and deliveries. You should also have plenty to hand out at exhibitions and events and at shop premises.

6. Create a Brochure

If you have a lot of information, consider creating your own brochure . It’s a great way to tell a story or to advertise a lot of services or products. People tend to keep brochures for quite a while so this is a good way to make sure you are providing long-lasting information.

7. Enjoy Coffee Mugs

It is nice to brand your own workspace with branded coffee mugs for you, your staff and your guests. They also make great give-ways with a long lifespan.

What about design?

You only need to invest in a logo. At Where The Trade Buys we have online design templates for nearly all our products. So you can create your own designs instantly online.

Your budget may not have to be as big as you thought!

People often think that print is beyond the budget of a small start-up business. However, nothing need be further from the truth. Use an online printer such as Where The Trade Buys. You will be pleasantly surprised at the prices. For instance, good quality business cards start at under £16. Flyers can be purchased for less than £17 and A4 letterheads start at £23. You can buy branded coffee mugs for just £3.20 each.

You can price items instantly on our online pricing calculator. Why not try it out now ?!

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Posted by: Where The Trade Buys


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