Three simple ways to upsell your print customers

A useful guide from Where The Trade Buys on upselling print to customers. A must-read of valuable insights for both print and digital agencies!

If you’ve already been providing good work for your clients, upselling printing services may feel slightly daunting. At Where The Trade Buys, we have a few tips for how to do it…

As a hobby, photography costs me a lot of money

The reason is simple: every time I go to my local camera shop I end up spending more than I’d planned. The sales people there are excellent at their job. They know exactly how to get me to spend more.  

As soon as I say what I want, they point out what else I should buy with it. It’s always something that will help me make better use of what I am purchasing. Everything they say makes sense. They are masters at the upsell.

People who offer printed products should also be masters of the upsell

Print service providers who upsell have an easy route to raising their revenues and profits. But they also have an opportunity to build better relationships. Their customers will appreciate how these suppliers help them achieve their business aims. They will value their creative input too.

Agencies and brokers who simply offer what they are asked for miss out on this opportunity to build relationships. They will also have to work a lot harder to find extra customers: they will need to make up for the revenue that they are missing with upsells.

Here are three easy ways to upsell printing services to your customers

1. Be creative when taking a job brief
The customer may think they know what they want. However, you are well-placed to suggest how they can make their print product even better. Does the customer know how economical it can be to add a few extra pages to a brochure or a photo book? Do they realise how a heavier weight paper or a better cover finish could add to the perceived value of a job? If they are asking for an exhibition stand, do they also need marketing collateral?

2. Add upsells to quotes
Just because you have agreed a specification with a customer, it doesn’t mean that it’s all you can quote! Why not add some extra options to the quote that the client may not have thought of? One person doubled their order of pull-banners because they hadn’t realised how economical it was to get another copy of the same banner produced at the same time. But they only found this out as the extra cost was added to the quote even though it had not been requested.

3. Use your e-mail signature
You should always be upselling, even if you are not talking to a client about a specific project. An e-mail signature is an excellent option to make your contacts aware of some of the unusual products that you offer. Ideally you should include a picture of the product in the signature. Make sure to change the product on your signature every two to three weeks.

Do you need ideas for upsells?

Use our site for a simple route to discovering a constant stream of upsell options. Every time you price a product, you’ll be shown some upsell print service options. The instant pricing option means that it is quick and easy to find out the cost and you can save multiple versions of the same quote.

In addition, you will probably find that the website has a bigger range of products than you had realised. You might not have thought of offering all these items to your clients.

Try out one of these upsell strategies today

They should all take less than five minutes to implement and you could well end up with a bigger order as a result.

With a bit of practice, you’ll become as professional at the upsell as the sales team at my local camera shop!

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Posted by: Where The Trade Buys


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