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Advertising For Tradespeople

A reliable, conscientious, and qualified tradesman (or woman) is worth their weight in gold.

Every day, horror stories emerge of botched jobs, cowboy builders, or dodgy plumbers, joiners, and electricians who leave a trail of devastation in their wake.

That’s why it’s vital that anyone working in this field can prove that they will provide a first-class service to their customers.

Make an impact

For certain trades, their services are often required if there’s an emergency – think burst pipes or boilers that break down – so in that instance, customers often need to find someone quickly.

Chances are that if that person has got a flyer, a business card, or leaflet about your business, you are the first one they are going to call. Incidents like this offer a great opportunity to pick up unexpected work.

Look at creating some print collateral which you can drop through letterboxes, leave in local shops or post offices, or in a library or community centre. Make sure you include all your contact details, how long you’ve been trading, and your qualifications – this will reassure your customers that you’re the person for the job.

Of course, not every requirement is to fix a problem. It might be painting and decorating, wallpapering, fitting a new bathroom or kitchen – there are endless demands for all kinds of tradespeople.

Customer satisfaction

It has to be said that word of mouth is always an important asset in promoting and marketing your business. Satisfied customers will inevitably pass on your details, and that’s a great way to reassure anyone considering using your services.

You could also ask happy clients for a testimonial that you can include in your leaflets and on your website, with a picture or two to show it’s a job well done.

Many tradespeople find joining a networking organisation is also a good way to promote their business. Those that have weekly meetings often swap opportunities between themselves – so make sure you go along armed with a box of your business cards to hand out.

Find your USP

There may be other original aspects of your service that you can flag up as part of your advertising and marketing plans.

Women who live alone may be uncomfortable having a male stranger in their home, so if you have female tradespeople, highlight this option.

Look at your USPs and ensure that you promote them – after all, you’re operating in a highly competitive field so it’s important to stand out from the crowd.

Having an online presence is equally as important. As well as your own website, think about joining forums and groups in your local area on Facebook – people often put out requests for recommended tradespeople.

Don't forget your tools

Regardless of what area you operate in – whether you’re a plumber, an electrician, a joiner, or an all-round handyman – having a strong marketing and advertising presence should be considered an important tool of the trade just as much as your paintbrush, hammer, or screwdriver!


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