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Growing Your Travel Business: Social Media for a Travel Agency

It’s almost as important as the holiday itself – sharing those images of exotic locations, lounging by the pool, trekking through the jungle, or just enjoying a cocktail or three on a sandy beach.

Social media does a fantastic job in selling holiday destinations through customers – so it’s time to harness some of that power for your travel agency.

As an independent travel agent, social media can be one of your greatest assets and can be used to conjure up that spirit of adventure and escape that your customers will crave.

Now’s the time to get that travel agency social media strategy ready so that you can embark on the next stage of your journey.

Target your audience

While you still mustn’t rule out older holidaymakers who may like to book or find their holidays in a more traditional way, such as print on demand brochures, research shows that many younger travellers mainly use social media when choosing a destination.

Remember, you are going to need lots of great images and fantastic content plus the time to create it. If you need help putting together a travel agency social media strategy, then look at getting some professional help or at least some advice first.

A good social media agency can also talk you through paid-for ads and what works best on what platform. It may well be a sound investment to hand over the job to them.

You could also ask your customers to do a review or tag you in a post – there’s nothing like some third-party endorsement.

At the early stages, it’s worth putting out a range of different posts and seeing what you get the most engagement from. That should help inform your strategy going forward.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Take a look at what the competition is doing – and what they’re doing well. Nobody is suggesting that you should duplicate it exactly, but it can be a good source of inspiration.

What good and successful companies do well – and something you should absolutely adopt – is to ensure you respond to any bad or negative reviews.

Do it in a balanced and fair way to ensure you get your voice heard and never just let them go – you don’t know what damage that could do to your fledgeling business.


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