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How To Get User Generated Content: Travel Edition

Research has shown that as many of 48 per cent of Instagram users choose their next holiday destination based on what they see on the social media platform.

It might be the fact that those pictures evoke strong memories, they're the places that their favourite celebrities hang out, or just a clear case of FOMO (that’s ‘fear of missing out’ to me and you) – whatever the reason, Insta is a fantastic tool to make use of influencer travel content.

If you bear in mind that it has around one billion users, that’s a lot of potential customers right there.

It’s a visual travel guide which, if you use it to your advantage, can help give your business a huge boost.

Chances are that many of the destinations you are trying to promote have already been visited by others, so seek it out – this is a great way to share user-generated travel content. Look for hashtags related to your areas of interest, and you can always like them or share them on your own feed.

You should also try and make friends with some of the most relevant influencers. While Kim Kardashian is unlikely to respond to your request to share an image and tag you in, there are lots of good influencers who may look at your request.

You could appeal to their good nature and let them know you’re a new company and how they could help you by tagging in your business or even look at what a cost might be for a post – it could be worth the investment.

Where do I find travel influencers?

There are a number of groups on Facebook for bloggers and influencers which will also let sales/marketing/PR people join.

You could ask people to post or get some idea again of costs for paid posts – just make sure you ask for stats before you part with your hard-earned cash. You don’t want to be paying influencers who have no influence!

Photographers are also a great source for this. You could look at some mutually beneficial arrangement where you promote them in return for them tagging you in posts and user-generated travel content about your destinations.

It can absolutely pay off – the tourism board for Wanaka saw a growth of 14 per cent after they invited influencers to post about their adventures in the town on the South Island of New Zealand.

Find the right influencer and it can be a massive help in creating user-generated travel content for your social media strategy. Perhaps you might want to consider the acquisition of a selfie-frame – the perfect addition to any successful user-generated content campaign!


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