Twenty-one printed items that every wedding needs

Getting married can be expensive... But with the help of Where The Trade Buys, you can craft a perfect wedding day that needn't cost the earth! Read these helpful tips and start saving today!

How do you find the right balance on what to spend for your wedding?

Getting married can be expensive. The average cost for a wedding in the UK is now over £32,000. That’s a big financial commitment. And it also leaves the happy couple with some difficult decisions. After all, if you are spending so much on the perfect day, the last thing you want to do is to economise too much on the extras that can really make a day stand out. However, you also want to make sure that you are buying everything as competitively as possible.

That’s where Where The Trade Buys comes in. We offer a whole range of wedding products that:

- will be bespoke to your wedding
- you can order directly
- are competitively priced
- are manufactured in the UK

Let’s go through some of the items that every wedding should have. We have also included a few that you may not have thought of that can make a big difference.

Before the big day

The planning cycle for weddings gets longer and longer. And the last thing you want to do is find out too late that guests are not able to make it to the event. That’s why it is worth sending save the date cards to important guests as early as possible. You could also include a handy fridge magnet or bookmark with the date on as well. This means that you can spend time getting the invitations absolutely right. To make things easier for your guests, why not send them an RSVP card and attach the stamp.

Consider using some of these items for hen and stag party invites as well. You will get some more ideas for these parties when we cover the wedding party.

At the venue

Firstly, and most importantly, you want your guests to be able to find the venue! So why not create your own signage to the venue. You can create road type signs to direct people in. And make sure you have something larger at the venue itself. You may also want a simple A-board or a roller banner inside the venue directing guests to the right room. If it’s a large venue these can also be useful to direct people to cloakrooms etc.

For the meal itself, it is highly recommended that you have a table plan so everyone can find the right table quickly. On the tables themselves, you should have place cards and menu cards. You can even create bespoke placemats.

Remember the party!

Every party should have a selfie-frame ! It’s a lot of fun for everyone to take their photos through: why not create your own wedding hashtag so everyone can see all the posts on social media? Make sure you order a set of props with the frame for some extra fun!

If you have any missing guests, consider creating a life-size standee of them so they can be at the party too.

If you have any more food, then make sure you have some handy menu cards.

And afterwards…

Firstly, you will want to thank guests for coming to celebrate with you, and for any gifts you receive. Keep the theme of your wedding going by designing your own thank you card.

Hopefully, you will have some marvellous photos to help you remember the day. You can print some on wall canvases or framed prints to hang in your home. Also, consider sending close family and friends a hardback book with all the best wedding photos inside, as well as quotes from the readings and speeches. Why not give mugs with a picture of you both on your wedding day?

Finally, if one or both of you are moving house now that you are married, remember to send everyone a moving card.

Don’t I need a skilled designer to create all this?

Most of Where The Trade Buys’ products have artwork templates that allow you to create your own professional designs swiftly and easily. Our selfie-frame designer comes with a whole range of designs suitable for weddings.

Remember also that we offer a full range of premium celebration papers and cards for all your wedding stationery items. They will all have that luxurious feel that your wedding deserves.

If you want to take things further, there is a whole range of extra finishes to add impact to your print. We particularly like scodix varnish, which adds a raised, tactile feel to your items. Consider also using a laser-cut design for some of your cards: the finished results look absolutely stunning and really stands out.

Remember, this needn’t cost the earth

Best of all, because we manufacture everything in-house in the UK, our products are highly competitively priced. We think you will be pleasantly surprised at how little you can spend on our products. Nearly all our products are delivered in five days or less.

Think of it as our way of reducing the £32,000 budget!

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