Why companies that want to communicate successfully with their prospects and customers are using print

Where The Trade Buys provides insight into why print is still the perfect medium for your prospects...

Everyone is suffering from e-mail marketing overload

The sheer volume of e-mail can seem overwhelming for both marketing staff and prospects these days. According to research group Radicati, over 2.8 billion e-mails are sent every day. In order to keep our inboxes manageable, most people delete a lot of e-mail without even reading it. 

Mailchimp publishes regular updates on the performance people should expect from marketing e-mails. If you’re in the restaurant trade, for example, you can look forward to an average click through rate of just 1.06% from your e-mails.

According to Litmus e-mail analytics, 51% of e-mails are deleted within two seconds.

Compared to e-mail, print performs much, much better

Here are some interesting statistics from the DMA. As a result of receiving direct mail:

  • 92% of recipients made some online or digital activity
  • 87% were influenced to make online purchases
  • 43% made a download 

The effects of print are long-lasting. We tend to forget e-mail straight away as the next one pings into our inbox. But the average piece of door drop print is kept for 38 days.

These results are just one way that the power of print works

How do you feel when you are given an information sheet that you can touch, smell and keep? Or even better, how do you feel when you receive a brochure? How does this compare with being given the equivalent information in a pdf?

Receiving print makes us feel more special. It also gives us a higher perceived value of a company, a product or a service. Receiving information digitally makes us think of cost-cutting. We do not value what we receive in the same way.

Print is kept and looked at many times. Digital information tends to be forgotten.

How do you make your print stand out from the competition?

Print is becoming popular again. More and more companies are using it. So it is important that the print that you use stands out against the competition. Here are four quick ideas that will really make you print memorable – and they cost less than you might think.

  • Create a triple-layered Business Card with a coloured inner
  • Use a luxury stock on your Flyers : check out our Sirio pearl stock
  • Make your Brochure Casebound , to show that your company and products are worth it
  • Make your print more tactile: use a Scodix finish to raise certain areas of your print

Remember: good print gets results

If one of your prospects receives a piece of print like the ones we have just described, do you think that 51% of people will throw it away in under two seconds? Do you think that less than two percent of recipients will take any action?

That’s the power of print compared to e-mail!

PS Head over to our products tab right now for loads of great ideas on how to use print.


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Posted by: Where The Trade Buys


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