Why banners are great for marketing at events

Stand out from the crowd by making an effective contribution to your marketing campaign with roller banners and outdoor banners!

If you work in marketing, whether it’s in house or at an agency, you’re likely to be attending some industry events, exhibitions and tradeshows as part of your work. It’s at times like these when it’s essential to stand out from the crowd and make an impact to potential contacts and customers.

It’s tricky to know which approach is best for these events, but Roller Banners and Outdoor Banners could be a wise choice – and make an effective contribution to your campaign. Find out more below…

They grab an audience’s attention in seconds

Something eye-catching and visual allows you to make a great first impression in the shortest amount of time. Our advice, pick a short phrase with a hook that will leave a lasting memory of your business.

Banners are a long-term investment

For as long as you keep your branding and your contact information the same, you’ll be able to use your banners at every event you attend without it being dated or deteriorating in quality.

Banners encourage an emotional response

There’s more chance of engaging with an audience if you can trigger an emotional response from them, and outdoor banners especially enable you to do this. Whether it’s through visuals or words, you can evoke anything from humour to excitement – something that’s enhanced even further on larger-scale outdoor banners.

They allow you to be visual with your message

Make your banner visually engaging, when marketing products, services or indeed your business as a whole at networking events. Using a professional photograph strengthens your visual presentation and is likely to be most useful to your audience. Let your graphics speak because good design sells.

For more information on how the Where The Trade Buys team can provide memorable print products to benefit your customers, get in touch today! Alternatively, check out our promotional print materials for more products to bring with you to your next event.

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