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Where The Trade Buys provide helpful advice on why it's time to reconsider the role of printing within crafting by using beautiful and unusual finishing techniques.

We live in a digital world

But sometimes that world can get a little overwhelming. Sometimes it is good to get away from the screen and work with something tangible. For many crafters, that is the attraction of their art.

However, when it is completed, so many of us share a finished piece digitally. But there is another way to do this.

It is time to reconsider the role of printing in crafting

Printing your work helps people see what we are creating in a different light from the screen. As well as this, we can create a whole load of useful and personal gifts without having to create a unique, handmade item for everyone we know.

By printing and sharing our pieces we give a new longevity to our art. Your friends and network get to keep and treasure a visual of what you have created. It lasts far longer than a fleeting glimpse on a website or social media feed.

You can also use print as part of the crafting process

These days print can create some pretty unusual effects. Motioncutter technology can produce some very intricate cut-out designs. These would take a very long time to create by hand. And you can create a range of individual designs: they don’t all have to be the same.

Scodix varnishing is also something that can be personalised. Scodix is a raised varnish. It creates a beautiful, tactile feel to finished print. You can then combine it with traditional crafting techniques.

However, you do not have to create print with a special effect. Why not consider adding your own crafting effects onto a card, bookmark or gift tag or your own design? It’s a fantastic way to create a base design quickly and cheaply and then add your own personal crafting skill on top.

So what items can crafters have printed?

The quick answer is that you can commercially print any product that you can think of! But here is a list of five ideas to start you off. They all work as gifts for friends or as a way to create extra income streams if you sell at craft fairs.

- Canvas Prints and Fine Art Prints – this is your chance you or someone else to have your artwork hanging on a wall

- Greetings Cards – these days there is a whole range of cards. It’s a super way to get your creations out to a wider audience. Those of you who sell your work can find that greetings cards create a useful income stream. They encourage buyers from those who cannot afford more expensive handmade items

- Magnetic items – Magnetic Business Cards are something that are a little different. Consider selling them as fridge magnets. If you want to go a little bigger, that’s no problem either with our Magnetic Leaflets .

- Bookmarks – bookmarks are a small item, but people use them regularly and will see your designs on a daily basis

- Wrapping Paper and Gift Tags – make sure you personalise your gifts with your own wrapping designs

Ordering print is a lot cheaper and easier than many people think

Many people worry that they have to invest a lot of money into an item. They also assume that they have to know lots of printing companies and have a good technical knowledge of print. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth!

These days it is quick and easy to order print online. At Where The Trade Buys we have a whole range of products that you price instantly on our online price generator. And you can order them in just a few clicks. If you are worried about artwork, most of our products have a range of online artwork creation templates, so you can just upload an image of your work. And, if you are unsure about anything, we have a customer services team that you can talk to on the phone or live chat with.

Cost doesn’t have to be an issue either. Our website gives you instant pricing. Many of our products are just a few pence each. We include free delivery to your door.

So try having your work printed today. It’s incredibly satisfying! Have a look at our website today.

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