Why creatives should offer print bundles

Our latest blog provides useful insights to help you take the pain away from your customers print buying process whilst also encouraging them to buy more...

Print can be a confusing world to your clients

Sometimes, specifying print can be like trying to learn a foreign language. There are so many things to learn. Then, just like irregular verbs, there are so many operations that break the rules that you have just learned. It can be hard enough for us to understand all the language and to make sure we have covered all the options. So imagine what it is like for your customers.

It’s not just the technical side of print that customers can find confusing. Imagine that you have a client who is preparing for an exhibition. What do they need to go with their stand? One or two roller banners ? What size of roller banner? What about brochures or flyers. What weight of paper? What finish?

Suppliers often expect their customers to make a lot of decisions. Sometimes it can feel just too much for a client. It can be easier to decide simply not to buy anything.

That’s where product bundles come in

A product bundle is a way to take the pain of decision making away from a customer. It also encourages them to buy more. The idea is to offer clients a set of products that ensures that they are all set for a particular event. These can include:

Here are six ways product bundles help creative and their clients

  • It takes decision making away from the client. Life is easier for them and they are more likely to buy
  • The client feels they are getting a good deal (even if you are not offering much of a discount)
  • You can spend less time selling and more time designing as your orders will be bigger
  • You increase your revenues for each client
  • Work becomes more efficient: you achieve more if you work on a set of standard products all with the same branding rather than trying to create something new for every client
  • You create a higher profit margin: you are working more efficiently, but you do not have to reflect this in your design price

Don’t you have to offer bundles at a massive discount? 

This doesn’t have to be the case at all. Amazon always suggests you buy a couple of extra products as well as the one you have chosen. However, it never discounts these products.

You may wish to offer your clients a small discount on a bundle. This will be be more than made up for by the fact that you are working more efficiently and also by the fact that you are spending less time selling.

Creating your own print bundle need only take a few minutes

We list all our products on one page. This makes it easy to quickly decide what products are right for a bundle. Remember, you can price products in seconds using our instant pricing calculator. 

What are you waiting for? Go and create your first product bundle today. You may find that you are suddenly finding that some of your customers are spending more with you. And you may also find that they are taking less time to make their minds up.

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Posted by: Where The Trade Buys


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