Why selfie frames are here to stay!

Affordable and fun, Selfie Frames have fast-become the logical and cost-effective way to add excitement to an event. But what’s so great about them and what type of events do they belong at? 

Selfie Frames are new to both corporate and private events. Affordable, fun and easy to organise, they’ve fast-become the logical and cost-effective way to add excitement to an event. But what’s so great about these products and what type of events do they belong at? Here’s our guide.

Selfie frames belong anywhere and everywhere

Selfie frames have the fantastic ability of being a crossover product, used just as much for business events as they are for family occasions…

Business events: Whether you have a stall at an industry exhibition, you’re hosting an event on behalf of your business, or some of your team are going out and about, a selfie frame has a place.

Family events: Are you organising a wedding, birthday party, christening or other special day? A selfie frame is a brilliant addition to any occasion, as it gets people together, posing for photographs. It also offers a point of interest between people who don’t know each other.

Our  Selfie Frame Designer is perfect for these occations, select a template, fill in your info and send to print.

They help to commemorate a special occasion

Whether the event is for business or pleasure, the selfie frame will encourage attendees (and you) to take pictures to remember the day by.

Business events: This point is particularly useful if you’ve organised or attended an event that involved meeting people, networking and encouraging people to engage with your company. Not only will the selfie frame interest people enough to stop and talk to you and your team, it will also remind you of who was there, and help you match names to business cards after a long day.

Family events: Selfie frames help you to create wonderful memories for your family event, which is particularly important if it’s an occasion like a wedding that brings together people who haven’t seen each other for a long time.

The results look brilliant on social media

There’s something about pictures taken using a selfie frame that people really engage with an online audience – great news for everyone.

Business events: After the event, make sure you keep all of the photos and share them on the company social media account. People who attended the event are likely to be looking for the photos afterwards, so having them up there gives them a chance to tag and share as they see fit.

Family events: After the event, you’re able to relive the good times through the photos taken from your selfie frame. People love to share these pictures on Facebook and Instagram, giving you much more enjoyment out of the selfie frame than just the event itself.

They are a very affordable type of entertainment

The addition of a selfie frame at an event doesn’t need to break the bank. Prices for single selfie frames are £19.80 for an A2, £24.60 for an A1 and £34.20 for an A0 size frame.

No artwork? No problem! use one of our quick and easy pre-designed templates starting at just £29.60

Business events: At a business event, this is a very small cost that can easily be accounted for in a marketing budget. It will cost as little as a breakfast coffee run for everyone in the morning!


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