Brexit Strategy

As you are no doubt aware, the UK is set to leave the European Union. The way in which the UK will leave the EU remains unclear and as a result Where The Trade Buys has, for some time, been preparing plans to ensure that we are able to support our customers through this period no matter what the outcome might be.

Below is our Brexit strategy document which explains our preparations in order to assure you that we are fully prepared to support your needs.

Where The Trade Buys recommends that its customers take a proactive approach and consider their requirement for our products leading up exiting. Our suggestion is that you place orders where required to ensure you have adequate stocks onsite at your premises to cover the initial period following the UK withdrawal from the EU.

All the Where The Trade Buys team are here to fully support you through this transitional period for the UK.

Thank you for your continued business and be assured that Where The Trade Buys is working actively to ensure that our support and deliveries to you are as seamless as possible during the coming period.


Due to so many unanswered questions about Brexit Where The Trade Buys have been preparing for the worst-case scenario and how to mitigate any disruption of service to our customers and wherever price increases arise limit what is passed on to our clients. Precision have investigated all departments of the business and have put the below procedures in place.

Where The Trade Buys Staff

We have evaluated the staff at Where The Trade Buys and although we have several EU nationals working on site, they have been UK residents for many years, and we cannot foresee any problems with there UK citizenship. Where The Trade Buys is focused on supporting its staff through the Brexit transition should any issues arise. Planning for the worst-case scenario Where The Trade Buys are confident due to the low percentage of EU workers even if there were issues production would not be affected.


Where The Trade Buys have been busy speaking to all machine manufacturers and part suppliers, many of which are created in the UK. Any parts that are purchased from Europe are sourced through a UK company who have been increasing their stock of parts to decrease any shipment delays after the 29th March. Where The Trade Buys have been analysing spend patternsfor machine parts and have also increased the machine parts we hold at our premises.


Again, Where The Trade Buys have been working closely with our suppliers to ensure there will be no disruption to production. All suppliers have increased stock of material we use, and Where The Trade Buys has also increased stock that we hold utilizing all 70,000 square feet across our 3 buildings.


Where The Trade Buys use a handful of couriers that deliver worldwide with extensive logistical networks in Europe which should ensure we mitigate any effects of any issues that may arise. If you are worried about any upcoming projects that might be affected by Brexit please feel free tocontact usto discuss and we can see what actions, we can take to help you avoid any issue you feel may arise.