Effective solutions for keeping your workplace safe during COVID-19

With government guidelines changing regularly, we must keep up with such information to protect workers as well as your company, so the message must be shared clearly.

Sharing a clear message

We are all certainly living through some difficult times as of late, no more so than the companies that remain open due to their essential nature, even at times of crisis.

With government guidelines changing regularly, we must keep up with such information and share it within the workplace. You’ll be protecting your workers as well as your company, so the message must be shared clearly.

Safeguarding your workplace

So how do we do this I hear you say! Simply by displaying signage around your company. Signage may previously have seemed insignificant and overlooked but it has never been a more essential product than it is today.

Signage in any workplace is important but it is more commonly observed in industries such as manufacturing and construction. But it's important not to forget office environments as there is still an important need to have health and hygiene signs located around the office too.

As an employer, workers must be made aware and clearly understand the meaning of your signs. Although most signs are self-explanatory, new and inexperienced staff may be unfamiliar with the meaning so it is vital that not only do staff know these signs are now on display but also make sure all staff understand the message.

Signs within the workplace must be suitable for the environment they are being displayed in so it’s important to think about a few things such as material, size and the message that is being displayed. From washroom signs to outdoor displays, we provide signage solutions for any surrounding or setting.

Workplace Essentials

The low-cost display measures featured below will help promote awareness and prevent the spread of viruses and germs in your workplace, not just today but in the future as well. Safeguard your business, workers and customers with our extensive range of virus busting essentials.

Health and Hygiene Signs

It may sound simple but do all your staff know the importance of washing their hands? Hand hygiene signs promote effect handwashing techniques and are well-suited for a variety of display environments, including washrooms and break rooms.

Health Advice Roller Banners

Roller Banners have a huge range of uses. If you have office premises, make sure you have these dotted throughout your building. Our health advice roller banners provide a clear and effective method of communicating vital health advice to. Complete with a lightweight frame and carry case for easy transportation and assembly. Ideal for stores, businesses, hospitals or anywhere that requires attention.

Health Advice Posters

Searching for a powerful, budget-friendly way of sharing the hygiene message? Look no further than health advice posters from Where The Trade Buys. Effectively share essential hand washing techniques with employees. Do you have additional information you need to share about your health and safety protocols? Why not consider using flyers, leaflets or brochures?

Countertop Sneeze Guards

Our countertop sneeze guard protectors are a perfect temporary solution for small or independent shops. An Ideal screen guard for counters and checkouts where the spread of infections is easy transmitted. Made from 6mm Correx with a clear perspex screen used as a barrier. These frames have a small window to transfer items and make payments.

Social Distance Floor Stickers

Draw customers attention to the importance of social distancing with our anti-slip floor clings and graphics. Show customers your commitment to their health and safety by customising these anti-slip floor decals with your own branding.

Magnetic Vehicle Signage

Do you have essential staff working for you? Help clarify their journey's importance with magnetic transport signs from Where The Trade Buys. An excellent method for key workers to quickly identify their travel purpose is a must. Printed onto a vehicle grade magnet material allowing for easy placement onto your car or van.

Social Distance Banners

For those bigger organisations, Banners from Where The Trade Buys offer a cost-effective method of getting your message noticed quickly. Ideal for both short-term and repeat use and a perfect reminder for areas where social distancing needs to be adhered to and a great way to let people know you are still open for business.

Where The Trade Buys wants to help you

The acceleration of coronavirus has presented extraordinary challenges to all of us, so we want to offer a helping hand to businesses. We have reduced pricing across key products on our site, including 10% off leaflets and posters. If you need them in a hurry, we have also reduced our turnaround pricing. We've also lowered pricing on signage, meaning you can save on essential workplace signage.

We wish you success in steering your businesses through this difficult period. Most importantly, stay safe and remember, we are all in this together.

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