FSC Guidelines

What is FSC?
Our forests give us many things. The Forest Stewardship Council® helps take care of forests and the people and wildlife who call them home. The FSC labels can be seen on wood, paper and other forest products, such as cork and natural latex.

Using the FSC Trademarks
In order for a product to carry an FSC label, or be promoted using the FSC trademarks (e.g. in a catalogue or website), the FSC chain of custody from the forest must be intact. The FSC® logo, the name Forest Stewardship Council® and the acronym FSC® are all registered trademarks. There are strict requirements for the use of these trademarks and these must be observed when creating designs that include them.

Graphical Requirements for the Use of the FSC Trademarks
The full FSC product label must be produced at a minimum width of 17mm.

Colour restrictions on FSC Trademarks
Green, black, and white are the FSC standard label colours, with positive green Pantone 626C being the preferred version. The equivalent colour may be used in CMYK or RGB. If the print process uses a limited number of colours, the FSC label can appear transparent on a solid colour background (provided that the contrast allows legibility).

Download FSC Logo