IPIA Business Support Collaboration

Trade print and design media customers can benefit from business support services from the Independent Print Industries Association. Find out more.

Collaboration and business support is on us

Recovery in 2021 needs us all to think and #PrintDifferent. Following the Covid crisis and looking onward through 2021, the value of collaboration will enable our customers to not only survive, but thrive.

The rapidly changing environment also makes shared sector-specific business support services extremely valuable, from access to business support schemes, credit checking and debt recovery, plus much more.

Therefore, we're delighted to announce collaboration and business support services, via the IPIA for trade print resellers and design media customers.

What is the IPIA?

The IPIA (Independent Print Industries Association) is a not-for-profit trade association focused on helping its members grow and develop their businesses.

Constantly evolving and adapting to contemporary market demands, it delivers ongoing value, support and counsel to members through a comprehensive range of benefits, services, events and publications. Find out more.

How does it work?

Each month, WTTB will part or fully fund IPIA memberships for qualified trade print and design media customers.

To qualify, reach Hendrix or Debbie Rockstar level and we'll cover a month of 'IPIA Lite' membership. Rockstars in tier Bowie and above will receive a month's full 'IPIA Associate' membership. This reward is provided in addition to the great Rockstar Royalties benefits and discounts.

Already an IPIA member?

Register your IPIA membership status under account settings. We'll provide Rockstars with the corresponding tier value in Rockstar points each month they qualify.

IPIA Lite - £25 per month

• Business Helpline
• Dispute Resolution
• Customer Credit Checking
• Sector-Specific Insurance Services
• Utility Sourcing
• Industry Training
• Tender and Bid Support

IPIA Associate - £60 per month

• Certification Scheme
• Marketing Support Services
• Editorial Coverage in Innovation Magazine
• Sourcing Directory Listing
• Weekly Newsletter Inclusion
• Opportunity to exhibit at IPIA events
• Best Practise Support
• VAT Advice

"We all do better when we work together”

“The Covid crisis in 2020 showed the value of working together the IPIA is an excellent example of how shared resource and support can be the difference between success or failure. Perhaps more important is the help and support that results from member to member via the network. Also, as we were all trying to navigate government and local business support complexities, the IPIA provided clear and concise advice and even coordinated lobbying for the industry.

I am also aware that when the business environment is challenging, this critical IPIA support may be considered discretionary spend. We are delighted to support IPIA members and introduce support to new members of the association because we all do better when we work together.”

Gary Peeling - CEO, WTTB

Our commitment

The print industry lost much of what had previously been dependable during 2020, including high use print clients from the hospitality, event and travel sectors.

The good news is that prospects for the industry remain robust, though business, customers and opportunities have changed. And so should we.

We are deeply committed to supporting our customers and our industry. We pursue this commitment by helping businesses adapt and expand their horizons through the support of WTTB and IPIA with this additional pro benefit.


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