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Protective Equipment & Covid-19 Signage

Show that health and safety is a priority for your business with print products. Using signage and other health and safety essentials from WTTB can make sure that your workplace remains hygienic and safe.

Use a variety of health essentials around your business, such as desk dividers and desk guards, to ensure that office workers are separated and protected. You can also use social distance floor stickers to ensure that everyone maintains an adequate space between each other.

Make everyone safe with disposable face masks, while using PPE kits and PPE bins to ensure minimum risk to any workers or visitors. Meanwhile, you can use sanitiser dispensers and sanitiser stations to maintain good hygiene among workers, customers, and visitors. Your business can be secure from illness and any safety concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we're most commonly asked about health and safety products. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, our team are here to help.

What is a desk divider, and how does it work?

Desk Dividers are adjustable partition devices, designed as a solution to social distancing in the workplace. They contain notches and adjustable arms to a fit onto desks of all sizes.

How easy are social distance screens to clean?

Very! Screens should be cleaned before use and between customers. Spray the banner with a disinfecting solution, wipe down with a single-use towel or cloth and securely disposed.

What makes a good health information leaflet?

Information is always best when it's concise and straightforward. Opt for a clean design with fonts and colours that don't overshadow the message. For further clarity, consider a bullet-pointed arrangement with imagery to support the facts presented on the leaflet.

Are PPE kits disposable?

Absolutely! We designed Single-use PPE Kits for precisely this reason. All contents, including external packaging, should be safely and responsibly disposed of in a designated PPE or sanitary bin after use.

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