Heat up August with up to 10% off

We're giving you the opportunity to stack up exclusive discounts with a rewarding Summer promotion.

Summer is traditionally a slower time for print sales, so we've devised an innovative scheme to assist trade resellers during this period.

For the first time ever, customers can purchase Rockstar points, but better yet, they're available at a discounted rate - resulting in significant savings.

Points can be purchased from our dedicated page until 11th August and spent across the site similarly to our Loyalty Program until 31st August.

How it works

Typically one Rockstar point costs one pound, but with our promotion, you'll save up to 10% on this price.

For every 250 points purchased, you'll receive a 5% discount, increasing to 10% for increments of 1000 and above, with savings of up to £500 available.

Best of all, there's no limit on how many points you can purchase or how often, giving you complete control of your margins.

Order points »

Order points

Purchase your points today and start saving instantly.

Terms and Conditions

A discount of 5% is available on 250 point bundles up to 1000 points, increasing to 10% on bundles of 1000 points and above.

Point bundles can be purchased multiple times up until the purchase deadline (11th August).

Discounted points are only available for purchase between 27th July and 11th August.

Points are valid on orders placed between 1st August and 30th August only.

Remaining points will expire if not used by 30th August, so be sure to use them in time.

Loyalty points will not be awarded on purchases of Rockstar Point Bundles but will be allocated on all orders placed in the month of August.

Heat up sales this Summer

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