Wiro Binding

Tips on preparing your design for Wiro Binding.

General Hints & Tips


Large format


Small Format


Loyalty Cards

Our concise and accurate Folding Guide. You can also see the folds and how they assemble in our folding video.

Laser Cutting

A file preparation guide for Laser Cutting.

Business Cards

File preparation guidance for Business Cards.

Stitched Booklets

A guide to supplying Stitched Booklet artwork.

Wiro Binding

Tips on preparing your design for Wiro Binding.

Loyalty Cards

A guide to Interlocking Folders.


A simple guide for designing artwork with Scodix elements. Be sure to follow these guidelines when supplying files. Watch our step by step Scodix How To video.

Scodix Foil

Here you'll find guides for designing artworkwith Gold and Silver Scodix Foil elements. Be sure to follow theseguidelineswhen supplying files.

Motion Cutter

A guide to creating files for use with the Motioncutter. You can also follow our step by step Laser Cut video.

Case Binding

A concise guideon how Case Binding works. We've also put together a video guide on how to correctly set up your files for the best results with case binding.


We recommend adding lamination when possible to protect against things like scratching, rubbing and ink transfer. If single-sided lamination is selected, we will automatically laminate the first page of the artwork uploaded. Wondering the difference between lamination types? Our Laminationvideo will explain all.


A concise video explaining how the NCR printing process works.

Video Guides