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Beauty Salon Ideas to Help Grow Your Business

Growing and developing a client base for hair salons and beauty spas is a challenging next step once your business is established. Moving on to widen the scope and number of clients in such a competitive field calls for a sophisticated, all-encompassing marketing approach that appeals to your clientele and you can do this by updating them on new services, products, events, major news or special offers/discounts. Doing so helps them feel included and paves the way for a more personal connection to your business and staff.

Every reputable salon or spa usually has one thing in common – excellent communications. Clients feel they are up to speed (or getting to know new changes ahead) and have a chance to look, book and participate. They feel not only pampered and groomed by your team, but included; part of the gang.

Successful salons and spas never sit still: they continually adapt to the environment by responding to industry changes and trends, experimenting with new products, organising events (product launches, catwalk shows, inviting clients to take part in fun social media moments, etc.). None of this happens by chance. Behind the scenes there will be a well-thought-out marketing campaign that has incorporated company branding, ordering marketing materials and in-house supplies that reflect a company’s professional vision.

How Do Salons Attract Customers?

Think about the tone and atmosphere of the salon or spa and how it plans to present itself over the future years. Getting that perfect balance of how to get more clients while not appearing too crowded and maintaining a relaxed environment is key.

Sometimes the more obvious marketing ideas of hairdressing advertising or placing paid ads for spas are not necessarily the best routes in marketing. Other less obvious yet more direct ways of sending messages should be considered in a marketing campaign that showcases your brand in-house with posters, personalised banners and gift vouchers.

At WTTB we can support your campaign from start to finish by providing your business with attractive customised print materials that match your salon’s brand. Our personalised print vouchers are designed to highlight your brand and message and promote beauty salon offers. Gift vouchers (or discount vouchers) promote while at the same time encouraging a repeat or new client. For more details check out the link:

We can also speedily and efficiently produce a wide variety of display posters that show you at your very best. While your clients relax and enjoy treatments they can learn more about events or special offers displayed.

If you’re working in this health and leisure sector, then you’re inevitably always going to be looking for new ways to entice customers. Luckily there are lots of beauty salon ideas that you can adopt to raise your profile whilst not breaking the bank.

When people book a beauty salon appointment, they know what treatment they’re coming for. It may be a facial, a back massage or a manicure and it may be something they have on a regular basis. There’s a good chance they might not realise what else you have to offer, which is why it’s important to have first class marketing materials. Showcase the other great services, the new products or treatments you have by well placed flyers, posters or leaflets. Chances are they’re a receptive audience and will make a booking.

The same goes for hairdressers. You may be short of hair salon ideas but it’s worth investing some time into giving them some thought. Can you promote a home care range? Do want to raise awareness of a special offer or a treatment that’s going to give your customer enviable locks?

If you own a nail salon, you too are likely looking for nail salon ideas. If you offer gel or acrylic nails, then why not ensure you have enough printed materials that highlight extra services? You may be offering nail art or a special service for weddings or a celebration. If your customers don’t know the full extent of your treatments, then that’s money lost.

The days when men went to a barber for a short back and sides is long gone. Now they are just as keen on their beauty regime as any woman – which is good news for anyone serving that customer base. It’s easy to come up with barber stations’ ideas and help drive business. Why not produce a leaflet which can be perused while you’re cutting their hair or giving them a hot towel treatment?

Let them read what you have to offer and it’s likely to be a done deal when it comes to them purchasing a product or trying some new enhancement to their grooming routine. Clients are also often keen to try home beauty salon ideas or products. These could be incorporated into your campaign by printing personalised brochures.

How Can I Make My Hair Salon Unique?

How can you differentiate your own salon from the stiff competition that comes from similar businesses in your area? Perhaps you could consider establishing unique packages. For example, you might offer party packages where you visit a client’s home or chosen special event venue – think wedding prep, baby showers, the office Christmas party, etc.

You could plan special days (or hours) for target audiences: Just for Kids (all-day special rates), Monday Morning discounts for the over 60s or even Father’s Day ‘Dad and Lad’ cuts? But crucially, how does a client KNOW or hear about your special days or seasonal packages? Leaflets, flyers and posters can all help to highlight what you have to offer and what you have in the pipeline.

Have we mentioned the power of social media yet? When customers ask us how can I promote my salon? - we point them in the direction of social media. You can powerfully and easily promote products and services in a salon via social media. Instagram is a perfect tool for the aesthetics of the beauty industry. Showing off attractive interiors with a flower wall is perfect for photos – and its free.

Salon marketing could also include posts of your clients on Facebook and Twitter or user-generated content (influencer marketing online). For example, hairdressing salons could post before and after shots of client hair shots, unusual dye treatments or sophisticated updos. While beauty spas might opt for posting up an actual real-life client experience (using named new products or treatments) such as massages, mani pedis or golden summer-ready tans adding a few quotes helps authenticate the experience even more.

Successful salons and spas typically inform customers about their services or special offers: have you considered displaying standalone roller banners both in-house and externally?

Finally, as part of your marketing campaign, research free options such as local newspapers, TV and radio where journalists are open to hearing about new events (catwalk shows, local charity fundraising, etc). Even something as simple as pinning your business card on noticeboards in supermarkets and cafes can attract new clients.


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